Pratley One-Name Study

Welcome to the web-site for the study of the Pratley/Prattley/Pratly surname!

The aim of these pages is to act as a repository for all Pratley information - a resource and a reference for fellow Pratley researchers. Here you will find individuals, trees, and sources, as well as information about the places where Pratleys have lived, and the history of the family and the surname.

The mammoth effort to get all of this information on-line has only just begun, so the particular details you are looking for may not yet be available. If so, just send me a mail to let me know what you are interested in. And of course, if there is any information you can add, it will be most gratefully received!

Note that these pages only include information about people who held the surname Pratley - so the ancestors of Pratley spouses, and the descendants of Pratley girls, aren't recorded here. But during the course of researching the Pratleys, I've picked up the details of the descendants of some Pratley girls along the way, so if there is anyone whose descendants you're interested in, feel free to ask if I have any information about them.

I've tried to ensure that no information about living people appears in these pages, other than information which is already available to the public. But if you find that private details about a living person are accessible, please tell me!

If you are researching the Pratleys and we haven't yet been in contact, please get in touch - not just because I'd like to be able to add any extra information you may have to these pages :-) but so that I can put you in touch with anyone else researching your line, and potentially send you updates as they come in.

I hope you find the site of interest! If you have any suggestions for additions or improvements, just let me know.

Michelle Hawke 2008