Berkshire Books

1522 West Berkshire Muster Roll [Centre for Oxfordshire Studies]

Chapters in the History of Cookham S. Darby [Berkshire Record Office]
The following voluntary Subscription does not see[sic] to have met with much success.
Subscription list for "Free and voluntary present" granted 13 Charles II. [1661]
James Sprattly, of Cookeham, offers for the like[freely to his Matie the sume of ... shillings, pd. presently.] six shillings and sixpence.
[the other people in the list gave between one shilling and fifteen shillings]

The Visitations of Berkshire Vol II (Harleian Society, 1907) [Oxfordshire Record Office]
p.7 The Corporac'on of Maidenhead. [1665.]
Nevill Kidwell }
James Spratley } Bridgmasters.

A History of Maidenhead J.W. Walker (Hunter & Longhurst, 1909) [Berkshire Record Office]
... a memorable aquatic feat was performed on Thursday, 15th August, 1822, when for a considerable wager Viscount Newry and five of his servants, men not accustomed to the work, rowed from Oxford to London in eighteen hours. Precisely as Great Tom struck the hour of three in the morning, the boat left Oxford, and at 8h. 58m. 30s. p.m. arrived at Godfrey and Searle's wharf, Westminster Bridge, winning the bet with just one minute and a half to spare. When we consider the locks that had to be negotiated, and the character of the vessel in which the journey was made, we shall scarcely find fault with the opinion of the day "that an instance of greater skill and prowess is scarcely to be found on record." The strain was immense, and one of the crew never entirely recovered from it. They were all Maidenhead or Cookham men, and their names were,
 Viscount Newry William Wigg
 Thomas Lamb William Lamb
 Henry Spratley Thomas Wigg
p.227 Appendix E : Mayors of Maidenhead [from 1685 to 1909]
1695  Charles Spratley
1704 Wm. Spratley
1710 Ch. Spratley
1718 Wm. Spratley
1843 Henry Spratley

Poll of Berks, 30/08/1727 [Oxfordshire Record Office]
Freeholders Abode F[ane]. S[tonehouse]. P[acker].

Ralph Spratley Bray   -- --
Christopher Spratly Maidenhead --

Berkshire Overseers' Papers 1654-1834 Berkshire Record Society Vol 3 (Ed. by Peter Durrant) [Berkshire Record Office]
20 - Witness 1756
35 - Settlement Cert 1775 from Stratfield Turgis, Hants, to Aldermaston ack leg sett of William Spratley and Elizabeth his wife
109 - Refers to number 35
1078 - Ann, singlewoman, Removal order 1770 Aldermaston to Englefield
1229 - Someone hired by Mrs Spratley at Reading 1784

Berks ArchŠol Journal [Originally the Berks Bucks Oxon Archæol Journal] [Bodleian Library]
[Vols 1-50 are indexed]

Volume 37
p.29 The Windsor Forest Turnpike
... Another entry on August 2nd [1762], "By Cash recd. of Thomas Spratley for bilking the Toll Gate on the Oath of Aaron Doule. £2."

Wokingham : For God-King-Country 1914-1918 1939-1945 [Centre for Oxfordshire Studies]
[Book containing the names of those who lost their lives in two wars]
1939-1945 Harold Charles Spratley