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Bray Manorial Records
1296-1924 Manor of Bray : court rolls, minutes, estreats, etc. D/EG M1-105, 107-113 See below [Not done yet]
1701-1702 Estreat roll [detailed] D/ESt M1 Lots of names, but no Spratleys
1702 Quitrents in 1687 D/ESt M2 See below
1696 Rentals [similar to M2] D/ESt M3 [Not done yet]
1716-1729 Notes of quitrent etc. D/ESt M4 [Not done yet]
1727 List of reves 1697-1727 D/ESt M5 [Not done yet]

D/ESt M2
A Book of the Quittrents to the Mannor of Bray and the Bill of Charges in Renewing Queen leez Lease in Sept 1687
John Spratley for frenches 00-03-04
["frenches" was a place - lots of others had "pt of frenches"]

D/EG ...
..., M69 (1547, 1549-1550, 1553), M70 (1593), M71 (1597), M72 (1598-1599, 1599), M73 (1600), M74 (1601), M75 (1602), M76 (1604), M77 (1605-1606), M78 (1606), M79 (1606), M80 (1606), M81 (1609), M82 (1610-1611, 1611), M83 (1611), M84 (1612), M85 (1613), M86 (1614, 1616), M87 (1625, 1626), M88 (1648, 1649), M89 (1654), M90 (1668), ...

Settlement papers, apprenticeship indentures, bastardy papers, militia papers, and other overseers' papers 1658-1871 (covers Bray, Cookham & Waltham St Lawrence)
(T/B 44)
16) Date of document: 4 Oct 1731
Settlement Certificate from Cookham, Berks
Churchwardens: John Messenger and Leonard Dutton
Overseers of the Poor: Robt Ray, Walter Langton and Moses Jefferyes
Witnesses: William Poulton and John Goodchild Jun
to Bray acknowledging legal settlement of Robert Spratley, Jane his wife and William, Thomas and Elizabeth, their children
Justices of the Peace: Ralph Howland and Jer Oakeley
[Also Ann in piece 182, after 1750]

Chieveley overseers' stuff 1699-1847
(T/B 33)

Cookham Manorial Records
1697-1746 Manor of Cookham : reeve's account and rent book D/EKm M1 See below
1358-1758 Manor of Cookham : court rolls, etc. D/ESk M1-185 See below

D/EKm M1
An Acco of the Persons who pay Quitt Rent In Cookham & of Whom Mr Corker recd On Acco of Mr Dodson for ye yr 1720 being then Reeve
Names Places Land Tax  s d
Spratley Charls Maidenhead ------ - 2 4 [These are generally small amounts]
Sprattley Robt do ------ - 1 -
Spratley Ralph ------[sic - meant to be "do"?] ------ - 3 8

Memorandm From No.1 to 12 Acco of 10 Acres Mr Dodson Bought of his Mother as Follows
An Acco of what Writings I have had deliverd[sic] from Mrs Dodson belongg to my Estate in Cookham Feby 6th 1732
No 4 November 25 1656
  A Deed from Hunter Probart & others to Silvanus Hammerton of Wooburn of a House in Cookam
late possession of sd Hunter yn of Spratley & Two Acres of Land in Sutton House Nr ye Pound Cookham
East Tises or Austins Land }   Acres
Wst the Worple } Suttn  
South Sr Edward Mansfield }   2
North Noah Barnards }    
[No other mention of a Spratley in this series of 12 accounts]

Rent Roll of the Manr of Cookham from [sic - no more words. Date must be 1745/1746]
Maidenhead Divisn
Robt Spratley 180[Number in list] Robt Young pt Same - 1 -
[@@@ - same what?]

D/E Sk ...
... M63
[Not done yet]
M64 (1549-1551), M65 (1553-1554)
M66 (1555-1556)
Esson Adhano Dnj ven bidell & retorn- pres Dnn- p qd distr- Johem holtwey p Catalla videlt p vnn- Rgnn- Colorie Albi ad respondend Johis Spratley in plie debis
  Johes Spratley q- x-s Johem holtwey in plie debis sed compmt def & parat est ad soluend debui illud & continuatr vjs px- Dnj ex Assensii penn-
Johes Spratley q- usus Johem holtwey in plie debis
M67 (1556-1557)
M68 (1557-1562) [Terrible writing in general]
Anno quinto & septo deven deforce
[List of around 15 people listing how many hogs/hogatts they had. Second is:]
John Spratley iiij hogattes ijd
[Can barely read] ... Johes Spratley est Carnifex[?]
[Not yet finished - another 14 double pages and back page to go - and would be worth rechecking first half, too!]
M69 (1558-1559), M70 (1566), M71 (1561-1571), M72 (1568-1571), M73 (1571-1578), M74 (1579), M75 (1575-1586), M76 (1586), M77 (1587-1588), M78 (1588-1590), M79 (1591-1595), M80 (1594-1599), M81 (1594-1598), M82 (1598), M83 (1598-1600), M84 (1600)
[Not done yet]
M85 (1600-1601) [I think - noted down "second one"]
[Bottom of reverse of last page]
  Curia Dne Rne manerij sui de Cookham in Com Berk tent- ib-m primo die decembris Anno regni Dne- Elizabethe Rne- nunc Quadragesimo quarto 1601...
Querel_ Rogerus Spratley quer- de Gilberto Heather de Pli-to trans- sup Casum &c Adeo attach.
M86 (1602) [I think - noted down "third one"]
[Middle back second page]
xvj m-tij Quadragesimo quarto 1601
Dat est cur intelligi ex Jurament- Rob-ti Mowdley qd qued- venelli iuxta maydenhed vocat Shebborne Lane est ruinoss et mineme mundat-m Def-ctu Johis Spratley et Xpoferi Roads qui iacuer fiuno[?] ib-m Quibz p-cipitr tand sufficientr emandar et Reformar ante Diem p-d subpena o-xs
M87 (1603)
M88A (1594, 1610) [? - noted down that it was the 6th one!]
[Top front last page]
6/12 James
Rob-tus Mowldey quer de Rogero Spratley de p-lito Recuss Ideo Attach relorn- ad px Cur &c
M88B (1603-1604), M88C (1604-1605), M88D (1605-1606), M88E (1607), M88F (1607-1609), M88G (1609), M88H (1609), M88I (1609-1610), M88J (1610), M88K (1610), M88L (1611), M88M (1611), M88N (1611-1612), M88O (1611), M88P (1616-1618), M88Q (1624-1625), M89 (1651), M90 (1663-1664), M91 (1667), M92 (1668), ...
[Not done yet]

Wokingham Manorial Records
c.1550 Survey of the manor of Sonning (with rents of freeholders and copyholders in Wokingham) D/EE M7 [Not done yet]
1621-1754, 1789-1900 Court books, etc. of the manor of Hartoak and the Hundred of Ashridge D/EN M22-28 [Not done yet]
1725,1745 Rental of the manor of Hartoak, 1725, and survey, 1745 D/EN M29,30 [Not done yet]
1611-1617 Survey of the Manor of Sonning (includes Wokingham) D/EZ 38 Lots of names (including lists of all rentals and free tenants in Wokingham), but no Spratleys
1640-1699 Register-survey of tenants (probably incomplete) D/EX 513 Parts of pages haven't survived. A transcript is included in the document, so searched that. None.

Manuscript & Printed Maps Index Folders

[These are all for very specific pieces of land in the parishes]

1624 T/M 140/1,2 None (not many names)
1639 D/EBB P2 None (not many names)
1744 D/EPC P1 None (not many names)

c.1560 T/M 18 None (not many names)
1742 D/EX 266/2/1 None (not many names)

Nothing pre-1750


18th century gazeteer on shelf behind desk
Oakingham was another name for Wokingham.