Berkshire Wills

[NB. The signatures are my hand-drawn copies, not images of the originals.]

Berkshire Record Office

Berkshire Archdeaconry Wills 1508-1652 (Oxford Historical Society [Vol 23]) [Centre for Oxfordshire Studies]

1599 Spratley, Alice, Bray J.512
1579 Spratley, John, Maidenhead, Cookham G.196
1618 Spratley, John, sen., Maidenhead, Cookham L.798
1636 Spratlin, Edward, Maidenhead [no number]

(M/F 538)

 John Spraytley
In the name of god a men y the xviith daye of dessember in the yeare of our Lord god and in the xxith yeare of the Reigne of our dreade and Sovereyne ladye Elizabethe by the grace of god of England Fraunce & Irelande quene Defendar of the feicshe &c / *ort I John Spraytley of maydenhed in the paryche of cowekeam hathe ordayneyd & mayd my leyst well & stetemeyntt in forme foloynge that is to saye I be qweye my sowle in to the hayndes of all myty god in home I hoppe to be saveyd & my body to be bereyd att the deschersson of my exxecktor / fryst I be qweyc to my sonne John a hundard shyllynges & to be payd att the deschersson of my axsecktor Item I geve to my son John a father beyd & all thay be loynges to yt & all so I geye hym a naker of rye & a naker of barley / Ittem I geve to my nex sonne James xx shyllynges & a q of berlay att the deschersson of my axsecktor Ittem to my theryd ^I geve soyne xx shyllyngs & a q of berley to be payd att the Deschersson of my axsecktor / Ittem I geve to my fowrth sonne xx shyllyng & a q of barley / & to every on of thym thre to pary of shytes / Ittem I geve to my dator denes xx shellynges & a q of berlay & to per of shytes / all the reyste of my goodes I geve to alse my wyf how I ordayn to be miy exsecktor / paynge my deytes & parfrowne my lageydees / in the presences of good man Terner & Thomas osbern
apud Reding ixo octobris


[Proved Reading 9 October 1579]

An Inventorie indented of all ye goodes and Cattells Moveable & unmoveable of John Spratlye of Maidenhead in the Countie of Bark butcher Deceased, Viewed & prysed by Thomas Turnr James Turnor Will-m Orams, & Robt Roodes and Thom-s osburne, as Followth
 In the Hawle
Firste A Table & A Formevs
Itm A great Cupbord p-cevjs viijd
It iij quysshins a painted cloth & a lattesijs
Itm two paire of hangers, A paire of Cobbarns, a pair Tongs & fire shevelliiijs
Itm A Chaire & two stowlesxijd
Itm two pewter Baisyns, iij pwter poltes, A pint pot, A spice mort[?] salt seller & ij pinte pottesviijs
 In the Buttrye
A Dosen & A half of pelter plattsxvjs
Itm xxj Pewter Disshesxs
Itm x potengers & xiij sawsys[?]vs vjd
Itm vj Candelsticks of Lattenijs
Itm two stone Juggsvjd
 In the Kytchinge
Itm v brasse pottesxxs
Itm viij kettellsxxs
Itm iiij posnetts, two skymm-s, A Chalfyng Disshe & a littill kettillvs
It iij fryinge pannes ij triffs & a gredyonvs
Itm a littill Cobard & iij wudden candelsticksxiid
Itm iij littell speetes, & a Drippinge Panneijs
Itm ij pair pynsers, ij awgers, two Chissells ; iij Iron wedgs, an axe and two hatchettsiijs
Itm c-taine Tubbes Kevers & two bultynge Lyntchesxiijs iiijd
Itm A Chese presse two Andyrns A Cowpe and A Mowldinge bordeiijs iiijd
It in ye Seller iij brewinge tubbs ij Cowles a powdering tub a keveriijd
Itm vj Cowles & x chesfartes[?]vs
Itm ij bottells & A bread gratexxd
It in ye littill howse two shelves iij erthen potts, iij pound of yarnijs
Itm iij sheves mo in ye bolting housexijd
Itm in ye shopp iiij knyves, a pair of skailes, A Clever & weightesxs
Itm iij spynning whelesxijd
vijli xvijs [so one of the 5s must have 5d - can't see one, though!]
 In the parlor
Itm A bested a feither bedd A bowlster & two keverlettsxxvjs viijd
Itm A Rownd table, A forme, A benche and a Joyned stowleiijs iiijd
 In ye Chamber over the hawle
Itm a Joyned bedd Furnysshedxls
Itm an other littill bed in ye same Chamber Furnysshedxiijs iiijd
Itm A littill Truckllbedd[?]vjs viijd
Itm xiiij pair of sheetesiiijli
Itm A Joyned bedsted over the shop wth a feitherbedd a bolster and A Coverlettxxxiijs iiijd
Itm in ye same Chamber, xiij tableclothesxiijs
Itm xiij pair of sheetes thereliijs iiijd
It a dosen & A halfe of napkynsixs
Itm v pyllowes & A bolstorvs
Itm v yardes of clothvjs viijd
Itm Sixe Chestes in ye samexs
Itm the painted clothes thereiijs iiijd
Itm xvj pelloberes in ye samexvjs
Itm his appill as Followth 
First A Cote a Jerkyn, a pair of hose A dublet, iiij shirttes and a pair of shewesxxs
In ye lofte over ye howse - iiij chestes a table & ye hangyngsxs
Itm iij koddere[?] basketts, an and yron & a flessh sheetexxd
Itm a bedsted A bowster A mattres iij pair shetes & a Cov-letvjs viijd
In ye nexte chamber ij bedstedsiiijs
Itm A table wth A prme[?]iiijs
Itm A chest, A shelve two syethes ij cheires apair stock cardsiijs iiijd
It over ye saller A p-t of pease and xvij busshells of Ryexxxijs iiijd
Itm vj busshells of Malteixs
Itm wood in the yardevs
Itm ij Dung potts A longeear and two paire of whelesxls
Itm ye plow & plowe gearevjs viijd
Itm iiij worckinge stearesvjli
Itm iij geldings two meares and A Colte pricevjli
Itm iiij kyne & two stearesvli
Itm iij hoggs & iiij pyggsxviijs
Itm iiij Baky hoggsxxs
Itm Barly in ye strawevli
Itm a quarter of wheatexiijs iiijd
Itm iij Fannes, A busshell and two Sacksvs
It a Stack of hey & an other of fetchesiijli vjs 8d[?]
It ye Crop of wheate & Rye growingexvjli
It the Lease of the howseiiijli
It c-tein pultrie, A sadle, brydle, p**d**[page folded] a chest Rack a well bucket & other buckettsviij[can't see whether li, s or d]
 Som Tots lxxix xs xjd

(M/F 539)

In The name of god Amen the xxiiijth daye of october in the forteth yeare of the Reygne of our moste gracious sov-reygne lady Elizabeth by the grace of god of England France & Ireland quene defendor of the fayth &tc I Allis Spratley of the prish of braye in the County of Berks widow being sicke in body but thankes be given unto Allmyghty god in pfecte mynde & memory doe make this my laste will & testament in mann- & forme following that is to saye firste I bequeth my sowle unto Allmyghty god and unto Jesu Christ my onely Redeemer and saviour in whom I doe truste to be saved by merrite of his moste p-cious death and bludsheding & my body to be buried in the prish Church yearde of braye Imprimys I give and bequeth unto the Cathedrall Church of saram ijd Itm I give and bequeth unto John Spratley my Eldest sonn two payre of sheetes one table Cloth & one ketle Itm I give & bequeth unto my sonne Sillvester Spratley one Joyned bed steed standing at Richard Unssells one flockbed fower payer of sheetes ^one lockorum shete one tablecloth one payer of pillowbyers two bras potts two ketles one payer of pothoks & one pothanger & one pewter platter one pewter dish one pottenger & two sacers Itm I give and bequeth to John Spratleys fower Children Eche of them one pewter dishe Itm I give & bequeth unto Allis Spratley the dawghter of John Spratley my Cubberd but my will is that John Spratley shall have the use of him during his lyffe and further my will is that if Anny of theise fower Chilldren shall hapne to dicease before they shall Acomplish the age of of [sic] xxj yeares then his or her lagacie hearin given shall be Equally devidid betwene the survivors of them All the Reste of my goodes & Chattells unbequethid I doe give unto Roger Spratley my sonne whom I doe ordeyne Constitute & make my full and hoole Executor to se my body buried my detts payed & my legacies fullfilled And allso I doe ordeyne Constitute Appoynte & make my loving Frindes thomas hellier and thomas tudway my ove-sears of this my laste will & testament & I doe give them for theire paynes sixe pence A peece In witnes hearof I have hearunto sett my hande & seale
the marke of X allis Spratley

witnes to this will thomas hillar thomas tudway & Robart winch
Rgratrthe marke X of thomas tudway

[Proved 12 Feb 1599]

The Inventory of the goodes and Chattells of Allis Spratley late of braye widow diceased takne vallued and praysed the xvijth daye of october Anno dom-i 1599 by walter Jarvis thomas hilliar and Robart winch
Imprimys in the hale one fowlding table one forme one Chayer ij smale stooles one Cubberd ij Andirnes j fyershovell 1 payer of tonges}
 j pothanger ij Cushens and paynted Clothes one spitt}
Itm in her Chamber j bedsteed j fetherbed ij bowlsters iij pillowes iij kiverings j quilt v Chestes & paynted Clothes one Joyned stoolexliijs iiijd
Itm her wearing Aprillxxs
Itm in one other Chamber one flockbed one browne bill & bowrdes & other Implementsvs
Itm in one other lofte one truckle bedsted ij blanckets j bushell one fanne j pronge one bill and other lumbar and frutexiijs iiijd
Itm the bras vj kettles ij potts ij skillatts iiij Candellsticks one Chaffingdish one fryingpan one gredirnexxiijs iiijd
Itm the pewter drinking Cupps & trenchersxxjs
Itm the naperye xix payer of sheetes x pillowbyers one tableCloth ix table napkins ij towellsiiijli iiijs
 The some totalis xjli xs

(M/F 539)

In the name of god Amen The fist day of November 1617 I John Spratley thelder of Maydenhed wthin the pish of Cookham in the Countie of Berks butcher being sick of bodie but of pfect remembrance laud praise be to Almightie god make & ordaine this my p-nte Testament concerning heerein my last will & Testament in manner & forme following That is to say first I doe com-end my sole unto almightie god my maker to Jesus Christ my redeemer and to the holie ghost my sanctifier and my bodie to be buried in ye Churchyard of the said pish of Cookham Itm I give and bequeath unto my eldest sonnes John and Richard Spratley to every of them - vs a peece And to my daughter Alice likewise I give - vs Itm I give to every of my said childrens children - xijd a peece to be paid to them wthin Twelve monethes next after my decease Itm I give unto my sonne Thomas - iiijli of Currant English money Itm I give unto all the residue of my children of Margerie my wife to either and every of them a peece xs The rest of my goodes & chattells I give & bequeath unto ye said Margerie my wife whome I make & ordaine my full & whole executrix And Walter Jarvis and Thomas Jarret my Overseers. In Witnes whereof I have set my seale. Dated the day and yeare above Written
Sealed and ordayned as the last will & Testament of 
the above named John Spratley in the prsence of [written in the same writing as the will itself]
 James Spigurnall
 Walter Jarvis
 Tho X Jarrett
  his m-k

[Proved 15 April 1618]

in Com Berks
An Inventorie of the goodes and Chattells of John Spratley thelder butcher taken and praised by Walther Jarvis and Thomas Jarrett the Ninth day of Aprill 1618
Imprimis in the Hall one Table & frame Three ioyne stooles a wodden Chaire and a ioyne Chaire valued atxiijs iiijd
Itm Two smale brasse potts iij kettells a skillet two pere of potthooks ij pothangers a pere of andirons a pere}
 of tongges grediron fier shovell spitt fier pan skimer and a pere of bellowes}
xxvjs viijd
Itm - Nine peeces of pewter greate & smale a salt a Candlestick an aquavite bottell & a quart pottxijs vjd
Itm in ye two chambers one standing bedsteede one trundle bedsteed one other old bedsteed a featherbed &}
 bolster ij old flockbedds and a flockbolster ij pillowes ij blanketts ij coverings}
Itm - v chestes and a square table & framexijs
Itm - Tenne paire of Course sheets & iij pillowbeeresiijli
Itm a bucking tubb a viver wth other Lumbervjs viijd
Itm one gelding Naggijli xs
Itm one sow hoggxijs
Itm one Axe a Clever ij knives a pere of ropes one tree wth gamerells and settersvjs viijd
Itm his wearing apparrellxxxs
 Walter Jarvis Some totall xiijli - ixs - xd
 Tho X Jarrett
  his m-k

(M/F 540)

Memorandum That uppon the 6th day of March Anno d-ni 1636 Edward Spratlin of Maydenhead in the County of Berks Butcher beinge of perfect mind and memory and lyeinge on his bedd in an upper Roome of the dwellinge howse of John Herbert Chirurgion scituate in the parish of St Hellenes in Abingdon did make and declare his last will and Testament Nuncupative as followeth in the presence and hearinge of those whose names are hereunder written vizt Imprimis he gave and bequeathed unto the poore of the parish of Thatcham in the County of Berks one pound Item he gave unto the parish of Maydenhead forty shillings to be equally devided amongst the poore of the said parish All the rest of his goods credditts and Chattles whatsoever he gave and bequeathed unto Edward Spratline his sonne to be paid & deliv-ed unto him when he shall accomplish the age of one and Twenty yeres and in the meane tyme his mother in lawe Mris Margery Luke to have the breedinge and education of his said sonne Edward Spratlin And in case his said sonne should dye before he shall come to the said age of one and Twenty yeres then he willed that his two mothers vizt Elizabeth Spratlin his mother, and Margery Luke his wifes mother should have out of the said estate xli a peece, and each of his brothers and brother in lawes and sisters and sister in lawes xli a peece if the remainder of his estate shall thereunto extend (his debts beinge satisfied and dischardged) and that his father Edward Spratlin should have all the Bease he dyed possessed of payeinge for the same one hundred and tenne pounds to his Executor And lastly did nominate and appointe Mr Symon Dringe of Marlborough Woollen Draper his Executor in trust dureinge the minority of his sonne Edward Spratlin aforenamed
Published and declared in the presence of us
 signed signed
 Martha X Herbert Sibilla X Seller

[Proved 7 March 1636]

The Inventory of all the goods and Chattells of Edward Spratly latte of Maydenhead in the County of Berks Butcher deaseased made the eight and twentieth daie of Aprill in the Thirteenth yeere of the Reigne of or sov-aigne Lord Charles by the grace of God of England Scotland France and Ireland King Defender of the faith &c annoq Dn- 1637 by us John Powle Wm Waller Richard Carter and John Tyly
 li s d
Imprmis his Waring appell6-13-4 
Item in Redy money in his purse3-0-0
Item Fyfteene steares4975li-15-8
Item Three Kyne9-0-0
Item one Saltseller one pewter pott and Boy0-5-0
 John Tyly
 Richard Carter
 John Pawle
 William Waller

The debts which the said Edward Spratly oweth
 li s d
Item owing on Land at Winsor53-0-0
Item owing to his Father15-0-0
Item owing to the pore of Maydenhead & Thatcham02-0-0
It owing to Mr Cherry of Maydenhead02-9-0
It to owing to Magery deluke his mother in law24-14-4
 The some of his debts which hee oweth is 87li-3s-4d

 The Accompt of Simon Dringe Administrator of the goods credditts and Chattles of Edward Spratlinge}   
 late of Maydenhead in the Countie of Berks Butcher deceased made and declared as followeth vizt}   
Imprimis the said Accomptant chargeth himselfe with the goods Credditts and Chattles of the said deceased}lisd
as they are prized or vallued specified and declared in an Inventory of the ptic-lers thereof exted and}93184
remayneinge in the office amounting in the whole to the sume of}   
 Suma oneris fatet
 Whereof the said Accomptant dischargeth himselfe and craveth allowance as followeth
Inprimis paid unto Margery deLuke of Thatcham for a debt due unto her from the deceasedxvijli
Item to Mr Tyley for a Cowexlviijs iiijd
Item for the rent of a Barnexs
Item paid to Richard Skinnerxs
Item paid for pasture for his beastsls
Item paid for Hayxvijs
Item for keepinge of his cattle twelve weekexxxijs
Item paid to Roger Horneblowexs
Item layd out when the beasts were soldiiijs
Item paid for the praisers dynnerxiijs iiijd
Item paid to the poore of Thatchamxxs
Item paid for the tithe of his groundviijs
Item for furzesijs
Item to Mris Williar of Newberryxxxs
Item the accomptant craveth allowance for his chardges in travaileinge to Abingdon & Readinge severall}
 times about the Ad-con and for a horse & man 30 dayes to gather in and setle the estate of the decd}
  s d
4-19 6
Item for stockings & shoes for the deceaseds sonneiijs viijd
Item for a Frize Coatevjs
Item for Capps & Bandsijs
Item for a Hattijs
Item to the Phisitian for Phisicke & his painesxiijs iiijd
Item to the Apparitor for his painesiijs vjd
Item for the dyett & keepinge of the deceaseds sonne 16 monthes and upwardsviijli xvs
Item for the funerall expence of the said deceaseds sonneijli iiijs ijd
Item the chardges of the l-res of Ad-con wth a Nuncupative will thereunto annexed ingrossinge the}
 Inventaryes & passinge this Accompt wth the Apparitor}
iijli ijs xd
 Suma expensarum - Lli viijs viijd

Berkshire Probate Records 1653-1710 Jasmine S. Howse (The British Record Society [87]) [Centre for Oxfordshire Studies]

SPRATLEY, Jas., butcher, Maidenhead, 1688. W. Inv. 122/6
(M/F 542)

In the Name of God Amen I James Spratley of Maidenhead in the County of Berks Butcher beeinge sick and weake in Body butt of pfect minde and memory (thanks bee given to Allmighty God therefore) doe make publish and declare this my last Will and Testament in manner followinge (that is to say) First and principally I humbly bequeath and comitt my Soule and Spiritt into the hands of Allmighty God Heavenly Father beeinge Sorry from the bottome of my harte for my Sins past and hopeinge through his boundlesse Mercy and the allsufficient Meritts of his Sonn my blessed Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to obtaine Remission of Sins and Life everlastinge my Body in hopes of a Joyfull Resurreccon I comitt to the earth to be decently buryed att the pish Church of Cookham att the discrecon of my Executor hereafter named and to lye near my Father there And as to my wordly[sic] estate wherewith it hath pleased God to Enrich mee withall (after my debts and Funerall expences discharged by my Executor hereafter named) I give and devise as followeth Impris I give devise and bequeath unto my deare and loveinge wife Anne Spratley Fifty shillings a yeare dureing her Naturall Life to bee paid her halfe yearely by my Executor hereafter named and alsoe the best Bed & Bedstead standinge in the Chamber next the Streete next to Mr Bakers house and the Curtaines Valente and other furniture about & belongeinge to the same Two paire of the best sheetes one New Chest of Drawers and soe much other goods and householdstuffe as my said wife shall make choice of to the value of Forty shillings Item I give and devise unto Benjamine Wyatt and Elizabeth his wife my daughter Five shillings a peece and to their four Children now liveinge twelve pence a peece Item I give and devise unto Edward Browne and Anne his wife my Daughter the sume of Five pounds and to their two Children now liveinge twelve pence a peece Item I give & devise unto my Sonn Thomas Spratley the sume of Five pounds to bee paid him by my Executor hereafter named two yeares next after my decease and if my said Sonn Thomas shall happen to dye and departe this life before the expiracon of the said two yeares that then I will and devise that the said Five pounds shall be equally divided beetweene my two youngest Daughters Mary and Margarett att their dayes of Marriage or Age of one and twenty yeares which shall first happen and if either of them shall happen to dye before Marriage or Age of one and twenty yeares that then the said Five pounds shall bee paid to the Survivor att the time aforesaid Item I give and devise unto my said two youngest Daughters Mary Spratley and Margarett Spratley Twenty pounds a peece to bee paid them by my Executor hereafter named att their dayes of Marriage or Age of One and Twenty yeares which shall first happen and alsoe I will & devise that my said Executor hereafter named shall pay unto each of my said two Daughters Mary & Margarett Four & twenty shillings a yeare for the Interest of their said Legacyes untill their dayes of Marriage or Age of one and twenty yeares (which shall first happen [no closing bracket] towards their mainetenance and Educacon to bee paid them halfe yearely and if either of my said Daughters Mary or Margarett shall happen to dye before their Ages of one and twenty yeares or dayes of Marriage that then I will & devise that the said Legacy of Twenty pounds & Intereste of her soe dyeinge shall be paid to the Survivor of my said two youngest Daughters att her Age of one & twenty yeares of day of Marriage which shall first happen Item I give devise and bequeath unto my Eldest Sonn John Spratley and to his Heirs & Assignes for ever All that my Messuage or Tenement & Backsides with the Appurten-ces Scituate in Maidenhead aforesaid now in the poss-ion of George Gray Gent And alsoe I give devise and bequeath unto my said Sonn John Spratley (my debts and Legacye beeinge paid) All my Goods Chattells Stock householdstuffe moneys Gold Silver Plate Jewells & all my reall & psonall Estate whatsoever which I shall dye possessed of and I doe hereby make constitute ordaine and Appoint my said Sonn John Spratley my Sole and onely Executor of this my said last Will & Testamt And I doe hereby utterly Revoake all former Wills & Testaments by me in any wise heretofore made or declared In wittnesse whereof I the said James Spratley have hereunto Sett my hand & Seale the three & twentieth day of May in the Fourth yeare of the Raigne of or Sov-aigne Lord Kinge James the second over England &c Annoq- D-ni 1688
Signed Sealed published & declared as his last Will & Testament in the psense of
 Richard Widmer  
 John Ringe the marke of
 Robt Bever James Spratley

[Proved 20 July 1688]

An Inventory of the goods & Chattells of James Spratley of Maydenhead in ye County of Berks Deceased taken & Appraised by us whose hands are hereunto Subscribed the 12 day of July Annoq- D-ni 1688
 li s d
Wareing Apparrell5:0:0
Ready Money60:0:0
 In ye Inner Chamber
1.feather bed.1.flock bed.2.feather boulsters.1.flock boulster 6 feather pillows 2.high bedsteds 2.setts of Curtains}
& vallins 2 rugs.2.blankets motts & cords 1. greate Cubord 3 Chests.2 Joint Stooles 1. Casse Chaire}
 In ye 2d Chamber
1. feather bed.1.feather boulster 2.flocke beds.1.flocke boulster.1.high bedsted 1.sett of curtains & vallins.1.rug.}
6.blankets.1 Trundle bedsted.1.Chest of Drawers.1.litle table & carpet.1.court Coubard.1.chest.1.Trunke}
3 Joint Stooles.1.Joint Chaire 3.Casse chaires.1.lookeing glasse}
 In ye 3d Chamber
1.flocke bed.1.flocke boulster.1.feather boulster.1.Trundle bedsted 2 blankets & other lumber1:5:0
 In ye Hall
1.long Table.1.forme 4 Joint Stooles.1.Dresser.1.round table.1.high Cubard.4.basse chaires a parcell of}
pewter.4 quissions a paire of Andirons a pair of Dogs & other Iron work.1.brasse skimer & 1 ladle.1.Joint Chaire}
 In ye Kitchin
1.Table.1.forme.1.brasse furnice & greate 1.paire of Anirons.1.Iron Chimney backe 3.brasse pots 2 brasse}
kitles 4.brasse skillets 1.warmeing pan 2.brasse skimers.1.ladle with other lumber 1.powdering trofe & tubs}
 In ye yard shope & Linine[doesn't look like "stere"] hogs.1.blocke.1.paire of scales & Waites cleaver hooks.20.paire of sheets.}
6.paire of pillow beers.6.Table cloths 4.Dossen of Napkins.2.Dossen of Towles shope linine}
 Richard Widmer

 Willm: Bates

Wills & Administrations 1711-1858

      Ref. NoM Ref
SpratleyChristopher1733MaidenheadVictuallerWillD/A1/124/49MF 544
SpratleyWilliam1712MaidenheadButcherAdmin Bond;InventoryD/A1/216/20MF 96100
SpratleyWilliam1792CookhamButcherWillD/A1/125/159MF 546
Spratley SnrCharles1715MaidenheadButcherWillD/A1/123/31MF 543

(D/A1/123/31) (MF 543)

I Charles Spratley the Elder of Maidenhead in the County of Berks Butcher being sick & weake in Body but of perfect mind & memory [...]
Impris-. I give to my Sonn Christopher Spratley Tenn shillings to buy him a Ring
Item. I give to my Daughter Mary now the wife Tho: Christopher Tenn shillings to buy her a Ring
Item. I give to my Sonn Charles Spratley Tenn shillings to buy him a Ring
Item. I give to my Daughter Elizabeth Spratley Tenn shillings to buy her a Ring.
Item I give & bequeath unto my Deare & Loveing wife Mary Spratley All my Goods chattells household Goods money & all my Bonds & Securities whatsoever for moneys and all my plate and all my personall Estate whatsoever. And I doe hereby make her full and sole Executrix.
[dated 9/7/1709]
The marke of
Charles Spratley

[No inventory]
[Proved Berks 7/4/1715 by widow and executrix Mary Spratley]

(D/A1/216/20) (MF 96100)

1712 May 20
Spratley Willm
of Maydenhead
Noverint Universi per praesentes, nos Saram Spratley de Maydenhead in Com Berks - - - vid Guilielmu- Keen de Maidenhead pr-d- Draper et Georgiu- Russell de eudem gen- [bound to Joseph Woodward for 80, 20 May 1712 ...]
[...] Sarah Spratley the Relict and Administratrix of all and singular the Goods, Chattels and Credits of William Spratley whilest he lived of Maydenhead in the County & Archdeaconry of Berks Butcher lately deceased [...]

[Inventory by William Keene & George Russell came to 36 15s 00d. He had a stable.]

(D/A1/124/49) (MF 544)

I Christopher Spratley of Maidenhead in the parish of Cookham in the County of Berks victualer[sic]
 my body to be buryed att the discretion of my Executrix hereinunder named in Cookham Churchyard
First I give devise and bequeath unto my loveing wife Sarah Spratly[sic] All that my Messuage or Tenement with the Stables Barnes Brewhouse[sic - not plural] and Outhouses to the same belonging called or known by the name or Signe of the Ancor situate standing and being in Maidenhead Towne in the said parish of Cookham & County of Berks af-e which said Messuage and premisses I now live in I also give and bequeath to my said loveing wife All that my Acre of Meadow Scituate lyeing and being in Dun Meade in the parish of Bray in the said County of Berks To hold the said Messuage or Tenement and premisses and acre of Ground aforesaid to my said Loveing wife and her Assignes for the Terme of her naturall life and from and after her decease I give and bequeath the aforesaid Messuage or Tenement Stables Barnes Brewhouses and Outhouses unto my Son Thomas Spratly[sic] his heires and Assignes for ever paying unto my Son Charles Spratly[sic] his heires and Assignes for ever yearely and every yeare the Sume of Forty shillings by halfe yearely payments im-ediately from the death of my said wife Item I give and bequeath unto my Son Charles Spratly All that my Acre of Meadow aforesaid To hold to him his heires & Assignes for ever im-ediately after the death of my said wife Item All my Goods Chattles household stuffe ready money plate debts and demands whatsoever and all other my estate whether reall or personall not herein before devised I give devise and bequeath unto my Loveing wife Sarah Spratly her Exrs: admrs: & assignes for ever my said wife paying unto my three daughters Mary Sarah & Elizabeth one Guinea a peice[sic] one yeare after my decease Item I doe make and ordaine my said wife Sarah Spratly full and sole Executrix of this my last Will and Testament
[dated 13/03/1729]

[No inventory]
[Proved Reading 13/4/1733 by Sarah Spratly Widow and Executrix]

Wiltshire Record Office

Will index on shelf

P5/1744/38Spratley, James 1744Wokingham, BerkshireAdministration bond, wrapper
P1/6Reg/99BSpratley, John, seniorButcher1717Maidenhead, BerkshireWill
P5/1747/22Spratley, MaryWidow1747Wokingham, BerkshireWill
P5/1697/35Spratley, WilliamButcher1697Wokingham, BerkshireInventory, will
P1/S/806Spratly, John, seniorButcher1717Maidenhead, BerkshireWill
[The two "John Spratley sen" wills will be the same - the "Reg" one is the register entry copy rather than the original]

In the name of God amen the first day of June in the eighth year of the reigne of our Soveraigne Lord Will-m by the grace of God King of England &c And in the year of or Lord God one Thousand six hundred ninety six I William Spratley of Wokingham in the County of Berks Butcher being Sick & weake of Body but of Sound & perfect minde & memory thanks be given to God for the same I doe make this my last Will & Testament in manner & forme following (that is to say) first & principally I recommend my Soule into the hands of Allmighty God that gave it me trusting and relying onely on the merritts & intercession of my blessed Saviour & Redeemer Jesus Christ for a free & absolute pardon & remistion of all my Sinns my body I com-itt to the dust from whence it was taken in hopes of a Joyfull Resureccon to Everlasting Life to be decently buryed according to the discretion of my Executor hereinafter named And as touching that part & porcon of this Worldly goods with which God hath blessed me I dispose thereof as followeth First I will that all such debts as I shall owe at my decease shall be justly & truely paid Itm I give & bequeath unto my Son William Spratly one Shilling Itm I give & bequeath unto my Son John Spratly one Shilling Itm I give & bequeath unto my Son James Spratly a pair of Holland Sheets a pair of new Sheets a trunke marked with M.S: with all things therein Itm I give & bequeath to my Son Job Spratley the bed beding & all other my goods in the middle Chamber or Chamber over the Hall Itm I give & bequeath unto my Son Peter Spratly a bed & the Seve^rall goods in the next Chamber to the s-d Hall Chamber four pewter dishes one Iron pott & one of my Courses Itm I give & bequeath unto my Son James three pewter dishes Itm I give & bequeath unto my Son Job three pewter dishes my brass pott a pair of Ropes my other Course and five pounds in mony Itm my will is that the tables & settle in my Hall be left there as belonging thereto Itm I give & bequeath to my Son Thomas Spratley one bed & beding lying over my Shopp and Ten pounds in money Itm I give and bequeath unto my Grand Son William Spratley (son of John Spratly) forty Shillings all which Legacys to be paid by my Executor herein after named Itm I give & bequeath unto my S-d Sons Thomas Job & Peter my Messuage or tenement wherein I now dwell Scituate in Peake Street in Wokingham afords-d with all houses Gardens & apptences[no line over] thereto belonging To have and to hold the S-d Message or tenemts[sic - plural] with the appten-ces unto the S-d Thomas Job & Peter their heyres & Assignes for ever as tenants in Com-on & not as Joynt Tenants desiring them to avoyd all contention & Strife in the [sic] dividing the same and if any difference arise between my Sons which God forbid I desire my Executor herein after named as far as in him lyes to compose & reconcile the same Itm I give and bequeath unto my Brother Francis Spratley all my wearing apparrill except linen and one Coate which s-d Coate I give to my Son Job Item the residue of my goods & chattles not herein and hereby devised my will and desire is that my Executor dispose of the same to such Child or Children of me the s-d William Spratly in such proporcon & in such manner & time as my Executor shall think fitt Lastly I do hereby revoake all former wills by me at any time heretofore made & doe declare this to be my last will and testament And hereof doe constitute nominate & appoint my trusty & well beloved friend Pearce Planner of Wokingham afors-d yeoman Sole Executor not doubting his care herein In wittness whereof I the s-d William Spratley have to this my last Will & testament Sett my hand and seale the day & year first above written
Signed sealed & published & declared by the above named Will-m Spratly for & as his last will & testamt in the prsence of ye marke of
William xXx Spratley
 Thomas Webb
 John Wheatly
 Will- Spooner

[Proved Son-ing 10/5/1697]

 A true & perfect Inventory of all & singuler the goods & chattles of Will-m Spratly late of Wokingham in the County of Berks Butcher decd taken & appraized this thirteenth day of June 1696 by us whose names are hereunder written [There are, however, no names on the document!]
     s d
Impr. Weareing Apparell 02:10:00
It-m Ready money 04:05:00
  In the Hall  
  Ten pewter dishes 01:00:00
  a pair of pewter candlesticks a pewter chamberpott 00:01:06
One forme three rush bottom chairs a Wooden Chair two Joynt[?] stooles}
a pair of pott hangers a pair of Iron andirons fireshovell & tongs}
  In the Parlore  
It-m One Chair one Table 00:08:00
  In the Kitchin  
  Two brass potts potthooks 00:07:00
  a Large brass kettle 00:15:00
  two tubbs two Kivers 00:08:00
  bellows gridiron iron driping pan & other lumber 00:02:06
It-m three drink tubbs a Kiver one stand 00:08:00
  In the Shopp  
It-m Chopping block 00:01:06
  In the Chamber over the shopp  
It-m Bed bedstead & covering 01:10:00
  In the Chamber over the Hall  
It-m Bedstead bed curtains two tables two chests two chairs 04:00:00
  In the Chamber over the Parlore  
It-m a Bedstead bed beding & other things 01:00:00
  In the Backside  
  a Cart & wheels 03:00:00
  a Store hogg 00:14:00
  a Mair 06:10:00
  a Gelding 04:10:00
  a Grinstone 00:01:00
It-m hay in the house 02:10:00
  hay in the close 03:00:00
  Tot 37:07:00


In the Name of God Amen I John Spratly the elder of Maidenhead in the County of Berks Butcher being sick & weake in Body butt of Sound and pfect minde & memory (thanks be given to Almighty God therefore) doe hereby make ordaine and publish this my last Will and Testament in manner and forme followinge (that is to say) first and principally I Recomend my Soule unto Almighty God my Heavenly Father hopeing through the meritts mediacon and intercession of my only Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to obtaine Pardon and Remission for all my Sins and to Inheritt Life everlasting My Body I comitt to the Earth to In hopes of a Joyfull Resurreccon to be decently Buryed att the Discrecon of my Executrix hereafter named And as to my wordly[sic] Estate with which itt hath pleased God to blesse me withall I Give and dispose as followeth Impris I Give devise and bequeath unto my Loveing Sister Anne Browne widdow All That my House or Tenemt in Maidenhead aforesaid in the said County of Berks wherein I now dwell togeather with the Orchard Garden and backside thereunto belongeing And the New erected Building & Celler standing in the said Garden or backside near adjoyneing to my said dwelling house and alsoe All other the Barnes Stable & outhouses thereunto belongeing with the Appurten-ces for and dureing the Terme of her N-rall Life and after her decease I will Give devise and bequeath All the aforesaid Dwelling house New Building Orchard Garden & Backside and outhouses and prmisses with the Appurten-ces unto my Loveing Neece Mary Browne my said Sisters daughter and to her heires and Assigns for ever And as to my Goods Chattles moneys debts and psonall Estate (after my debts and Funerall Expenses are paid and discharged) I Give devise & bequeath the same unto my said Sister Anne Browne whome I doe hereby make appoint and constitute to be full and Sole Executrix of this my last Will and Testamt Revoakeing disanulling and makeing void All former Wills and Testamts by me in any wise heretofore made or declared In wittnesse whereof I the said John Spratly have hereunto Sett my hand and Seale the Eight and Twentieth day of August in the Tenth yeare of the Reigne of or Sovraigne Lady Anne by the Grace of God of great Brittain France and Ireland Queene defender of the Faith &c Annoq- Dni- 1711.
Signed Sealed published and declared to be the last Will and Testamt of the said Testator: in the prsence of us who have hereunto subscribed or: Names as wittnesses in the prsence of the said Testator: 
 Robt Bever
 the marke of
 Thomas X Luffe
 Henery Medden

[Proved Reading 6/5/1717 by the Executrix]


BOND of Administration of the Goods of James Spratley Intestate Deceased at Sunning on the Sixth Day of July 1744 Administration of the Goods and Chattels of the abovesaid Deceased, was by the Reverend John Talman Clerk M:A: lawfull Surrogate of the Official of the Dean of Sarum granted and committed unto Ann Spratley Widow the Relict of the deceased (being first duly Sworn that the said Deceased died Intestate, and well and truly to Administer, and to exhibit a true and perfect Inventory of the Goods, Chattels, and Credits of the said Deceased, and yield a just and true Account when lawfully requir'd) saving the Rights of all Persons.
Hen. Hearst Registrary

Know all men by these presents that Wee[sic] Ann Spratley of Wokingham in the County of Berks Widow James Spratley of the same Butcher & John Houlton of the same place Gardiner are held and firmly bound unto the Reverend Richard Younger Clerk Master of Arts lawfull Official of the Dean of Sarum in Sixty pounds of Good and lawfull Money of Great Britain ... [Typical administration printed introduction]
The Condition of this Obligation is such that if the above bounden Ann Spratley Widow the Relict and Administrator of all and Singular the goods Chattells and credits of James Spratley late of Wokingham Intestate Deceased do make or cause to be made a true and perfect Inventory of all and Singular the Goods Chattells and Credits of the said deceased which have or shall have come to the hands possession or knowledge of her the said Ann Spratley ... [Typical administration printed body]
Sealed and delivered being first duly Stamped in the presence of The Mark of
Ann X Spratley

John Holten
 Willm Boucher Not Publd

[No Inventory attached]


In the Name of God Amen I Mary Spratley of the Town of Wokingham in the County of Berks Widow being Aged and infirm in Body, but of Sound and Perfect Mind and Memory thanks be to God for the same, Calling to mind the Mortality of my Body, and knowing that it is appointed for all Persons Once to Die, Do this Sixth day of February 1745 Make and Ordain this my last Will and Testament as follows, that is to say, Principally and First of all I Give and recommend my Soul into the hands of Almighty God who Gave it, and my Body I commit to the Earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my Executor and Executrixes herein after named, And as touching such worldly estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me in this present World, I Give Devise bequeath and dispose of the same in Manner and form following that is to say I Give and Devise unto my Eldest son James Spratley all that my Messuage or Tenement as it is now divided into Two Tenements and now in the Occupation of me and my said son James Spratley and Mrs Anne Wallen Widow with the Garden behind the same and prem-es thereunto belonging with the Appurten-ces situate and being in Peake Street in Wokingham aforesaid and which I purchased of William Spratley To Hold to my said son James Spratley and to my said [sic] Two Daughters Mary Spratley and Anne Spratley and to their and each of their respective Heirs and Assigns for ever as Tenants in Common and not as Joint Tenants And I do also Give and bequeath unto my said son James Spratley and said Two Daughters Mary Spratley and Anne Spratley All my Moneys Goods Chattels and Personall Estate whatsoever (after paying my Debts and Funeral expenses) and to their respective Executors and Administrators Equally to be Divided between them Share and Share alike and do appoint them Sole Executor and Executrixes of this my last Will and Testament And I do hereby Revoke all former Wills by me made Declaring this to be my last In Witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and Seal the Day and Year above written
Signed Sealed Published and Declared by the said Testatrix as and for her last Will and Testament in the Presence of Us, who in her Presence and at her Request have Subscribed Our Names as Witnesses hereto The mark of
Mary Spratley
 Jno Miller
 John Segey
 Bryan Richards

[Proved Sunning 14/8/1747 by "James Spratly Exr sworn the poro- of the others being reservd before"]