Buckinghamshire Books

Bucks Record Society [Bodleian Library, Buckinghamshire Record Office]

7 : Episcopal Visitation Book 1662
p.68 Buckingham
... William Spratley ... [one of nine] being churchwardens and have not given up their accompts. They have given up their accompts since, ut ait apparitor.

8 : Subsidy Roll for 1524
[Not indexed - searched all of Buckingham Hundred, which is about 90% complete. The figure appears to be how much they were assessed to be worth, not the tax they paid]
Padbury 1524
John Sprotley £2
Maydens Morton 1524
Richard Sprottley £3
Lekhamsted 1524
William Sprottley servant W[ages]£1
Akeley 1524
John Sportley labourer W £1

17 : The Certificates of Musters for Buckinghamshire in 1522
  terr' et tent' per annum bona et catalla
Villa de Maydinsmorton [Maids Morton]
Ric. Sportlye n. 4 0 0
Villa de Paddeberye [Padbury]
Joh. Sprateley } next to each n. 1 0 0
Wm. Sprateley } other n. - 8 0
Hamletta de Gawcote [Gawcott]
Marg. Sprateley [2nd on list] - 14 0 n.
Villa de Akeley [Akeley]
Joh. Pratley n. 2 13 4

19 : The Courts of the Archdeaconry of Buckingham 1483-1523
440. In dei nomine Amen tercio die mensis Septembris anno domini millesimo quingentisimo vicesimo primo [3 September 1521] ac Ego Robertus Kyngbrege ... [of Padbury, which appears to be in the diocese of Lincoln]
... Item lego Johanni Sprottley omnia indumenta mea et vnam equam subrufi coloris cum pullo suo.
 Item lego Alicie Sprottley vnam juvencam.
 Item lego Agneti Sportley[sic] vnam juvencam rubij coloris.

21 : Buckinghamshire Contributions for Ireland 1642
Edw. Spratley [6th on list] - 2 6
Stoke Goldington
Wm. Spratley - - 6
Great Horwood
Wm. Spratley - 1 6
Dunton [happens to be next to Swanbourne in list]
Wm. Spratley - - 6
Gave nothing : ... Geo. Spratley ... [lots of names]

Archives of All Souls College Oxford Charles Trice Martin (Spottiswoode & Co, 1877) [Buckinghamshire Record Office]
p.108 Padbury Leases
34 Eliz., Leases of tenements in Padbury to
29 Nov. 14.
  22. Thos Spratley
[This was the first ever list of tenement leases]
p.109 Padbury Leases
45 Eliz., Leases of tenements to
10 Dec. 32.
  : [many of the names are the same as on the previous list of leases]
  48. Thomas Spratley
[next list of leases is 12 Jac. I, 10 Oct.]

Bucks Session Records [Buckinghamshire Record Office]

Bucks Session Records 1678-1694
p.11 Christmas Session, 1678-79. [Aylesbury, 16 January, 1678-79]
Mary Spratley of Cookham, co. Berks, for stealing "small linnen."
p.16 Christmas Session, 1678-79. [Aylesbury, 16 January, 1678-79]
Mary Spratley of Cookham, co. Berks, spinster, who pleaded guilty of stealing linen, value 10d., to be whipped in the gaol and then discharged, "payinge her fees."
p.23 Easter Session, 1679. [Aylesbury, 1 May, 1679]
Petty constables sworn.
Hilsdon Robert Horrwood vice John Spratley
p.69 Epiphany Session, 1687-8. [Chepping Wiccombe, 12th January, 1687-88]
Order for the removal of Mary Clements, singlewoman, from Marsh Gibbon to Cookeham. She had previously been at Wooburne, and in service with Mr. Dominick at Great Marlow and Richard Spratley of Cookeham, butcher.
p.452 Epiphany Session, 1692-93. [Aylesbury, 12th January, 1692-93]
John Spratley of Hillersdon, yeoman, appointed treasurer for the maimed soldiers in the "upper division" in place of the late Stafford Morgan, gentleman.
p.458 Easter Session, 1693. [Aylesbury, 27th April, 1693]
Treasurers sworn.
For the maimed soldiers William Gyles, junior, of Winslow, and William Blackwell of Great Kimbell, gentlemen, vice John Spratley and Thomas Gibson.

Bucks Session Records 1694-1705
p.63 Michaelmas Session, 1695. [Chepping Wycombe, 10th October, 1695]
Petty constables and tithingmen sworn.
Woburne Jasper Heaward and Richard Spratley vice Richard Burcott and William Banburey, and James Fretwell and Amos Sparrow as tithingmen vice William Natt and Francis Andrews.
p.101 Michaelmas Session, 1696. [Wendover, 8th October, 1696]
Petty constables and tithingmen sworn.
Wooburne Matthew Crane and William Beck, tailor, vice Richard Spratley and Jasper Heyward, and William Fenables and Geoffrey Reynolds as tithingmen vice [James Fretwell and Amos Sparrow].
p.116 Epiphany Session, 1696-97. [Aylesbury, 15th January, 1696-97]
Recognizances discharged.
... , John Spratley, dairyman, ... all of Hilsden ...
p.144 Michaelmas Session, 1697. [Aylesbury, 7th and 21st October, 1697]
Mr. John Spratley of Hillersdon, lately one of the treasurers for the maimed soldiers, "whose accounts seem imperfect," is ordered to attend the adjourned session to satisfy the Court as to the balance he handed over to his successor, William Giles.
p.224 Michaelmas Session, 1699. [Chepping Wycomb, 5th Ovtober, 1699]
Order for the release of Thomas Weedon of Woborn, who was arrested for the debt at the suit of Richard Spratley when he came to the Court to give evidence in another case.
p.396 Michaelmas Session, 1703. [Amersham and Aylesbury, 7th and 18th October, 1703]
John Spratley and Thomas Ping, both of Winslowe ... [for buying and selling butter, cheese, and other dead victuals without licences.]
p.408 Epiphany Session, 1703-4. [Aylesbury, 13th January, 1703-04]
Order discharging the informations laid against certain persons at the last session for buying and selling "dead victualls" without a licence, as it had since been ascertained that the buying was done "in Open Fayres and Marketts, and selling the same agayne by retayle in theire severall shopps, which this Court is of opinion they may Lawfully doe."
p.443 Epiphany Session, 1704-05. [Aylesbury, 11th January, 1704-05]
Jurors for the body of the county.
... [Names] ...
 signed Henry Gould, esquire, sheriff.
The following were not sworn : ... , and Thomas Spratley of Tingewick.
p.452 Epiphany Session, 1704-05. [Aylesbury, 11th January, 1704-05]
Fines and issues.
Samuel Bowler of Princes Risborough, John Morris of Braddenham, and Thomas Spratley of Tingewick, fined 1. 10s. each for non-attendance on juries.

Bucks Session Records 1705-1712
p.22 Michaelmas Session, 1705. [Buckingham, 4th October, 1705]
Sacrament certificates.
Nicholas Merwin of Winslow, gentleman; certified by the Rev. John Croft, vicar, and Benjamin Saunders and William Townsend, churchwardens, of Winslow, and witnessed by John Stone, gentleman, and Thomas Spratley, yeoman, both of the same.
p.79 Epiphany Session, 1706-07. [Aylesbury, 16th January, 1706-07]
Recognizances entered into.
John Stone of Winslowe, gentleman, with Joseph Biggs and John Pitkin, both of the same, as sureties, to keep the peace towards John Spratley.
p.167 Midsummer Session, 1709. [Aylesbury, 15th July, 1709]
Convictions of swearers.
Charles Spratley of Upton and Richard Dell of Wendover, in accordance with the act of 6 and 7 William III, c.II.
p.219 Midsummer Session, 1710. [Aylesbury, 10th July, 1710]
Jurors for the case against Richard Lovett.
... Richard Spratley ...

Bucks Session Records 1712-1718
p.181 Easter Session, 2nd May, 1717. [Aylesbury]
Chief constables sworn.
Desborough John Keene of Medmenham and Richard Spratley of Woburn vice Richard Watson and William Turner.

Bucks Session Records 1718-1724
p.3 Easter Session, 24th April, 1718. [Aylesbury]
Chief constables sworn.
Desborough Andrew Lakey of Hugendon and John James of Turvile, vice Richard Spratley and John Keene.
p.94 Epiphany Session, 12th January, 1720-21. [Aylesbury]
Recognizances respited and entered into.
Thomas Jeffery of Wooburn, yeoman, to answer Edward Dennis of Chepping Wicomb, husbandman, for assaulting him in his own house ; sureties Edward Marshall of Chepping Wicomb, gentleman, and Richard Spratley of Woburn, butcher [ignoramus][This was written after a couple of entries]
p.95 Epiphany Session, 12th January, 1720-21. [Aylesbury]
Recognizances discharged.
... Richard Spratley and Thomas Jeffery of Wooburne.

Bucks Session Records 1724-30
p.13 Michaelmas Session, 8th October, 1724. [Buckingham]
Ann West and Elinoar Spratly, both of Winslow, said that Thomas Barton could give information as to Thomas Glenester and Thomas White ... [goes on about some case]
p.21 Easter Session, 8th April, 1725. [Aylesbury]
Sacrament certificates.
Produced by George Stehn of Wooburn, esquire ; certified by J. Horton, minister, and Richard Spratly and Thomas Jeffery, churchwardens of the same, ...
p.105 Midsummer Session, 13th July, 1727. [Aylesbury]
Recognizances entered into and respited.
Richard Spratley of Wooburne, butcher, to answer for assault on John Millington ; sureties William Harris, butcher, and Henry Webb, husbandman, both of the same.
p.106 Midsummer Session, 13th July, 1727. [Aylesbury]
Recognizances discharged.
... Richard Spratley, William Harris and Henry Webb of Wooburne ...
p.178 Michaelmas Session, 9th October, 1729. [Buckingham]
Recognizances discharged.
Richard Spratley of Wooburne, to keep the peace.

A Buckinghamshire Directory 1714-31 compiled by Eve McLaughlin (1994) [Aylesbury Central Library]
p.1 Fire Insurance 1714-31
The Sun Fire Office insurance policy registers, held at Guildhall library, London, were indexed by Alan Redstone c1974/5. This particular index refers to Guildhall Lib MSS 11,936 vol 4 to 33 (covering 1714-31) and references shown are to volume/page (7/145). To order the actual volumes or request a copy, the full reference is needed - e.g. (MS11,936/7/145.[no bracket].
Spratley, Richard butcher 170[this should be a year - digit missing] - 30/267

Buckinghamshire Poll Book, 21 April & 6 May 1784 [Oxfordshire Record Office]
[only searched Buckingham Hundreds]
Freeholders Names Places of their Abode Ver[ney]. Gr[enville]. Au[brey].

Spratley John [Tingewick]   -- --

The Buckinghamshire Posse Comitatus 1798 [Centre for Oxfordshire Studies]
SWANBOURNE Butchers David Spratley }
    Joseph Spratley } [3 of the 4 butchers]
    Thomas Spratley }
  Servants Joseph Spratley
TINGEWICK Shoemakers John Spratley

Pigots Directory of Buckinghamshire 1842
Amersham Butchers Spratley William, High st
  Miscellaneous Spratley William, beer retailer, High st
Chesham and Neighbourhood Butchers Spratley William, High st
 Retailers of Beer Spratley Richard, High st