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Spratley,-- QS/JC/3
 ,Hannah D/LE
 ,Richard D/LE
 ,Richard QS/JC/1
 ,William als. Killick. App. (PR 115/14/16)

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Doesn't appear to have a section
Manor of Leckhampsted
 see Catalogue D/BASM/51
Maids Moreton
Manor of Maids Moreton
 see D/AR/2/49-50
Nothing to do with manors, or early enough.


Accessions Folders
Nothing early enough, apart from something in Akeley cum something in 1456
D/AR/2/49-50 dated 1840-50 & 1854-5 respectively
D/BASM/51 dated 1617-1638
D/LE/4/6 Fine, February 1704. Richard Spratley and Hannah his wife, plaintiffs. John Andrews and Ann his wife, deforciants. 1 messuage, 1 garden in Wooburn. [I can't read the original, but it is quite short, so I doubt it says much more than this summary.]
D/X/574 nothing to do with manor in Maids Moreton
D/X/575 Transcript of Court Book of the Manor of Maids Moreton, 1699-1800 [Original at Christ Church, Oxford]
Quarter Sessions
QS/JC/1 Justices' Case Books. Interleaved volume containing notes on the cases, made by the presiding Justices in Quarter Sessions. Some Appeals also contained. (Michaelmas Session 1802 - Midsummer Session 1810)
QS/JC/3 Justices' Case Books. Interleaved volume containing notes on the cases, made by the presiding Justices in Quarter Sessions. (Midsummer Session 1818 - Epiphany Session 1819)

Documents from Indexes

Apprenticeship Indenture of William Killek als Spratly, 1745 (PR/115/14/16)
This Indenture, made the Eighteenth Day of May in the Eighteenth Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George ye second by the Grace of God, of Great-Britain, France and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, &c. Annoq; Dom. 1745 Witnesseth, That Richard Sibley and John Hook Church-wardens of the Parish of Iver alis Ever in the County of Buckingham And John Binfield, Miller and John Elton Overseers of the Poor of the said Parish, by and with the Consent of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace of the said County whose Names are hereunto subscribed, have put and placed, and by these Presents do put and place William Killek Alis Spratly a poor Child of the said Parish, Apprentice to James Brown of ye Parish of East Molesey in the County of Surrey Gardner with him to dwell and serve from the Day of the Date of these Presents, until the said Apprentice shall accomplish his full Age of Twenty and four years according to the Statute in that Case made and provided : During all which Term, the said Apprentice his said Master faithfully shall serve in all lawful Businesses, according to his Power, Wit, Ability ; and honestly, orderly, and obediently in all Things demean and behave himself towards his Master and all his during the said Term. And the said James Brown for himself, his Executors and Administrators, doth covenant and grant to and with the said Church-wardens and Overseers, and every of them, their and every of their Executors and Administrators, and their and every of their Successors, for the Time being, by these Presents, That the said James Brown the said Apprentice in ye Art or Mistery he now Useth, shall teach and Instruct, or Cause to be taught and Instructed And shall and will, during the Term aforesaid, find, provide, and allow unto the said Apprentice, meet, competent, and sufficient Meat, Drink, and Apparel, Lodging, Washing and all other Things necessary and fit for an Apprentice And also shall and will provide for the said Apprentice, that he be not any Way a Charge to the said Parish, or Parishioners of the same ; but of and from all Charge shall and will save the said Parish and Parishioners harmless and indempnify'd during the said Term. And at the End of the said Term, shall and will make, provide, allow and deliver unto the said Apprentice double Apparel of all Sorts, Good and New, (that is to say,) a good New Suit for the Holy-days, and another for the Working-days. In Witness whereof, the Parties abovesaid to these present Indentures interchangeably have put their Hands and Seals, the Day and Year above written.
Seal'd and Deliver'd in the Presence of James Brown
 John Pontifex
 John Spencer
[In margin:]
We whose Names are hereunto subscrib'd Justices of the Peace of the County of Bucks aforesaid, do (as much as in us lies) consent to the putting forth of the said William Killek Alis Spratly Apprentice, according to the Intent and Meaning of this Indenture.
[On back:]
Recd ye Eighteenth Day of May within written With ye Apprentice within Mentioned the Sum of seven pounds of Lawfull Money of Great Brittain by Me
Recd ye 1st[?] Day of June with ye within written Apprentice ye sum of seven pounds of Lawfull Money of Great Brittain
Recd by Me
Wittness John Pontifex James Brown
  John Spencer

Settlement Examination of William Spratley, Blacksmith, and wife Ann, Stoke Poges, 1775 (PR/198/13/3/19)
The Examination of William Spratley now residing in the parish of Stoke Poges in the said County of Bucks touching the place of his legal settlement taken on Oath this 22d day of May 1775 before us two of his Majestys Justices of the peace in and for the said County.
This Examinant on his Oath saith that he was born in the parish of Eton in the said County of Bucks that about ten years ago he was bound apprentice with the Consent and approbation of John Gill and John Mist Overseers of the poor of Eton aforesaid to Joseph Jones of the Parish of Stoke Poges in the said County of Bucks Fruiterer for the Term of Seven years That he lived with his said Master in the said Parish of Stoke Poges for about four years when he was turned over to John Buckland a Blacksmith of the Parish of Stoke Poges aforesaid that he lived with the said John Buckland for the full End of the aforesaid Seven years That he then hired himself to the said John Buckland at the end of his said apprenticeship for three years for half a Guinea a year and his Meat Drink washing Lodging and Clothes and has lived with him the said three years and settled with him and received the said Wages
Taken on Oath the day and year first above written before us The Mark of
 H hephyr[?] X
 Robt Campbell William Spratley

All Souls College estate (MaR/1/1-13) [folder of photographs of maps]

Padburye, Sep 1591 (MaR/1/1)
[Houses/gardens labelled only, not fields]
Top house is "Tho Spratley Junr Coll" }
Bottom house is "Tho Spratley Senior" } cf. MaR/1/14.T below
Land at bottom is "Tho Spratley Junr" }
The names of the Jurors by whose Othes and information the plott was taken
 Thomas Spratley senr
Maids Moreton, 1595 (MaR/1/2-7)
[Not all fields and houses shown and labelled - a few names mentioned, but Spratley isn't one of them]

Padbury, All Souls College estate, 1590 (MaR/1/14.T) [set of photographs of map]

[My scribbled copies of the map are here (overview) and here (detail around village centre).]
[The two Thomas Spratleys basically had lots of little strips of land all over the parish. The names in the fields are variously written "Tho Spratley Senr coll", "Tho Spratley Junr coll", "Tho Sprateley coll", "Tho Spratly coll", etc]
The names of the tenantes and cotyers belonginge to the colledge together with theire yarde landes and the quantitie of acres or them bothe.
 Names yardl: Mead:
 Thomas Spratley ij ij
 Thomas Spratley Senr iij ac.   [fairly average amounts]
 Free cotages

An Account of All the people in the parish of West Wycombe Bucks: 1760 [Box 24]