Buckinghamshire Wills (Buckinghamshire Record Office)

Bucks Archdeaconry Wills pre 1660

["We" is in book form with other wills, "Wf" is a single will]

James Spratleye of Wotton Underwood, husbandman, 1596 (D/A/Wf/13/170)
In the name of god Amen the vijth daye of October in the eyght and thirtie yeere of the raine of or soverainge Ladie Elizabethe by the grace of god of England France and Ireland Queene defendres of the Faythe etc. I James Spratleye of wooton underwood in the countie of Bucks Husband- beinge visited wth the Crosse of sicknes wch my redeemer hath layd uppon me but yet of sound and pfect memory thanckes be geven to god do ordeyne constitute and make this my laste will and testament in mann- and Forme following Firste I com-yt my sowle into the handes of the almightye god my Creator trustinge to be saved by the bloodsheedinge of his deere sonn- Jesus Christe my only savior and Redeem- and my bodie to be buried (as A Christian ought) in the parish Churche yard of Wooton aforesayd Next for and concerninge the Care wch I have of my Wiffe and Children and the distributinge of those my goods wch my savior hath lent unto me my will is yt thay shalbe thus bequeethed distributed and devided Imprimis I geve to the poore people of Wooton three shillings fower pence Itm I geve and bequethe unto my eldest Daughter Ann Spratley twentie markes of Currant Inglishe money to be payd unto her at the age of Sixteene yeeres or at the daie of her marriage wch of them shall first happen Itm I geve unto my yongest daughter Frances Spratley twentie m-kes like wise to be payd unto her likewyse when she shall accomplishe the age of sixeteene yeeres or at the daie of her Marriage wch of them shall first happen Provided always yt if my wiffe Elsabethe Spratley (whom I do make my sole executrix) shall happen to marry agayne then my will is that she paye unto my said twoo Childeren ther portions in this my laste Will to them geven and bequethed wthin on moneth next after her sayd marriadg or else do put in such securitie as my overseers in this my Will mentioned shall thincke meete for the paymts of ther portions at the time aforesaid Also my Will is yt if my said Wiffe do marry and refuse to put in good securitie for the paymts of my Childerens portions that then my said overseers to have ther said portions to be imployd by them to the best benifitt of my said Childeren Also my will is yt if yt please god to take awaye any on of my sayd Childeren before her portion be due unto her that then her portion heerin bequethed to remayne to the othr And if it please god to take them both awaye before such time as their portions be due unto them that then ther sayd portions to remayne and be unto myne executrix she payeinge my Brothr Richards three eldest Childeren twentie shillings a peece wth in tenn yeeres after the decease of my said Childeren Itm all the residue of my goods and Chattells whatsoever unbequethed not distributed nor geven my funeralls discharged and debts payd I geve and bequeth to Elsabeth Spratley my wiffe (whom I do make and ordeyne my sole exeutrix of this my last will and testament) uppon this Condition - yt shee will [edge of page] for heerafter duringe the minorities of my sayd Childeren well and motherlike soe to keepe norrishe and bring [edge of page] my sayd Childeren as my trust is she will Itm I ordeyne and by request doe make Francis Egleton and George Stevens of Wooton aforesaid my true and trustie overseers of this will to be pformed unto whom for ther paynes therein I geve to each of them sixe shillings eyght pence In Witnes whereof I the said James Spratley have sett to my owne hand and seale the daye and yeere above written.
Witnesses heerunto Fra: Egleton James Spratleys m-ke
George Ste[??]ens
 Debts owinge to James Spratley
Richard hathaway [???] 38s to be pd at the [?...?]
John Stevens 28s to be pd at Easter next
Willm Stevens 36s 8d to be pd at Christmas
John Whorles[?] 3l to be pd 30s at hollantyde[?] and thothr at or Ladie next.
Itm ther is of mine in the keepinge of my Brother Richard Spratley of Southnewton these pcells of goods [??]
It on fayre brasse pann
It on pott
It A mault mill
It on coffer
[Proved 19 October 1596]

Joan Spratlye of Padbury, widow, 1590 (D/A/Wf/11/231)
 Test-m Johanna Spratley
Md[?] that uppon the sevententhe daye of June in the yeare of or Lord god 1590 Johane Spratlye widowe of Padburie beyng sick in bodie but of good and perfect Rem-brance declared hyr Last will by word of mouth in the prsens of John Read vicar of Padburie Thomas Carter John Bunce and others in manner and forme followinge : First she dyd give to Margaret hyr Daughter a brasse pan, a brasse pott, a Table and tressells, a Cupbord a dripping panne, a bolster, an Arke, iij platters a presse a Cofer. Allso she dyd give to Katherine hyr doughter ij payre of sheets ij kettells a brasse pott ij platters i porrenger a frying pan a Tubbe a cofer a candlestick a bolster All the Rest of hyr goods moveable and unmoveable unbequethed she dyd give to hyr fower children to be equallye devided amongst them and she dyd make Overseers Thomas Carter John Bunce and John Swannell witnesses as above.
[Proved 22 June 1590]

John Sprattlay of Padbury, husbandman, 1558 (D/A/We/12/134)
[Edge of page very faint]
In the name of god ame- the vth day of Septe-ber the yere of or lord god 1558 I Jo Spratley of padbury in the countie of bucks husbandma- of good and pf[i?]t memory do make this my prefer- testamet & laste will in man- & forme folowing furste I beqth my soule [edge of page] mightie god & to or lady sainte mary & to all the [edge] company[?] of heven & my body to be buryd in ye [edge] yard of padburye Itm I beqth to my mother church[?] of Lincoln xijd It I geve towards a weste [edge] padbury on bz of whete on bz of barly [edge] Itm I beqth to John & thom-s my sonnes my howse that I have in occupancy in padbury so long as the lord and they can argre[?] Itm I beqth to Will-m my sonne on bullok of ij yeres of age on bullok of on yere of age [???] halfe & ix stere shepe thoverseers to Drawe then on mydling pott on ketel ij mydling platers i pare of shets i cove-let It I beqth to Edward my sonne i hefer viij stere shepe to be taken as his brothers was afore on ketell on smaule[?] pot i cove-let i payre of shets It I beqth to Richard my sonne on bullok of ij yeres of age vj stere shepe in mony o--xs i paire of shets & ij platers my bz of whete this yere viij bushelles of whete & malte the nexte yere i candelstik i salteseller It I beqth to robrt my sonne in [??]mony o--xls the beste paire of shets saving ij shets i cov-let It I beqth to alis my dought- in mony o--iijli on browne cowe on matres on cov-let ij payre of shets on bolster on blanket on ketel vj platers Yf it fortune any of my sayd children to dye before he come to lawful age and wthowte Issue then I will ther parte to remeyne a mongst thother brotherne or sisterne so long as any of them do live Item I beqth to John my sonne on howse in bucks that thom-s Bristow dothe dwell in Item I beqth to thom-s my sonne on howse in bucks boughte the gre[u?]d of Edward Miller Itm I beqth al my goods moveable and unmoveable unbequethed my funeralles discharged & brought honestly to erthe[?] to Jo & tho my sonnes whom I make my full executors yontly together they to occupy y-etly to gether ov-seers to this my will Rich hadler Will-m Swannell to ether of them for ther paines xvjd wites Sr tho Cook Jo hobbes tho bunce
[Proved 21 November 1558]

John Spratlye of Padbury, 1581 (D/A/Wf/9/155)
In dei noi-e Amen the iij daye of marche Ao dn-j 1580 I John Spratlye of padbry beinge sycke in bodye but of good and perfecte Remembrance prayse be unto allmyghtie god doe make this my last Wyll and testament in man-er And forme followinge fyrste I bequethe my soule unto Allmyghtie god the father, the sonne, and the holy ghost, three persons and one god, And my bodye to be buryed in the paryshe churchyard of padbury Aforsayd, It I geve unto the poore of this parryshe o xijd It I geve unto margaret my daughter o iijli It I geve unto Katerne my daughter o--iijli It I geve unto John my sonne o--iijli It I geve unto Wyll-m my sonne o--iijli I geve unto theise my iiij chyldren yearlye one lande of barlye to be sowen & dressed in everye poynt to ther uses, to be equallye devyded Amongsthem untyll they come unto their complect Age, That is, the best halfe acar I gave, except one acar of the beste, And I wyll yt Thom-s Carter And Wyll-m Swan-ell shall have the dysposyng And usynge of the same lands, unto the use of my iiij chyldren, And to geve unto every one of theise my iiij chyldren, his, or her portion when they come unto their lawfull Age my executors Alwayes to dresse, & tryme ye same lande, And to Carrye it in due tyme and seasone as their owne provyded Alwayes yf any of my chyldren dye before there complect Age I wyll yt his or her stocke soe departed shalbe equally devyded Amonge the longer lyvers, by my overseers & my chyldren to have their legacye at their complect age The rest of my goods my debtes payde And theise my legacys fulfylled I geve them unto Joane my wyfe And Thom-s my sonne Whome I make my ioyntly Executors of this my laste wyll, to be equally devyded between them and to occupie together And to brynge upe my chyldren honestly in the fear of god.
 Overseers & wytnesses
 Wyll-m Swannell John bunse
 Thom-s Carter and Thom-s Spratlye
[Proved 13 July 1581]

Richard Spratley of Maids Moreton, 1565 (D/A/We/16/36, with additions from D/A/We/154/239) [Also in D/A/Wf/6/251]
[D/A/We/154/239 is missing much of the side of the page. D/A/We/16/36 is much clearer, but I'm not sure if it's original or copied from D/A/We/154/239]
In no-ie dei Aamen the xxij daye of Maye anno Do-ie 1565 I Rychard Spratley of Maidemorton being sycke in body and thanks be to god pfyte of Mynde do make and ordayne thys my laste wyll and testamente in Maner and forme foloing fyrste I bequeth my Sole to allmyght god my body to be buryed in the churche yard of Maidesmorton Itm I geve and bequethe to Rose[a mess in 154/239] Spratleye my Dowghter a oxe bullocke of a yeare of old a lande of wheate a pane of xij gallones a payre of shetts ij platers one pare of Shood carte wheles and one shepe Itm I geve to ales my Dowghtr a Red heefor of ii yeares olde a shepe a lande of barly and a land of wheate iiij shets one pyllowe too platers & one kettel of iij gallons Itm I geve to anne my Dowghter one pyde bullocke cone[blacke cowe in 154/239] of iij yeares olde ij pares shets a land wheate in Water Slade a land of barely a coffer a ewe and a lambe a pyllow a brase pott ij platers one candelstycke and a Matteress Itm I geve to Jone my Dowghter a browne pyde cowe of vj yere olde 1 ewe and a Lambe a pyllowe a brase poote ij pare shete a bolster ij platers a candelstycke and a coverlet Itm I do geve to Wyll-m dave a lande of barly and a shepe Itm I geve & bequeth to ales Sprateley my wyffe one acar of wheate one acer barly one acer pease ij kyne a bullocke a mare a colte of a yeare olde iij hooggs and all suche housholde Stufe as she browghte wth her Itm I geve to the poremans boxe a busshell whete Itm I geve unto evere one of my Dowghters a doucke and a hene Itm all the Reste of my goods Moveable and unmoveable unbequethed I do geve and bequeth to Rychard Spratleye my Sone whome I do orday- and make my truwe and lawfule executor Itm I wylle that my overseears shale se my chyldrens stockes sett and bestowed to ye beste profyte untell suche tyme as theye come to their lawfull age and Dyscrecyon and further I wyll that yf yt please god my wyffe be saffe Dr['delivered' in 154/239] of thys chylde what she ys nowe conseved wth and dothe['do then' in 154/239] lyve that then I wyll[not there in 154/239] geve yt fyve shepe els the sayde shepe to Remayne amongste my one childrene Itm I wyll that thys chylde that['whiche' in 154/239] my wyffe goethe wth all shall have at the age of ij yeares xls to be payde oute of my sonne Richards Stocke yf the sayde chylde do Dye before yt commethe to the age of vij yeares that then the sayde xls to Remayne to Rose my yongeste Dowghter and yf yt happen that anny of my chyldren doo Departe thear Naturall lyffe before the come to age to occupy ther Stocke that then I wyll that theare Stockes Remay- to the Survivors allso I doo appynte that My brother thomas Spratley have to hys one use ye leace that I tocke of Mr Fowler so yt my wyff have the occupinge of the close and of the land for ij years agreing wythe my brother I doo appynte thys to be my laste wyll and testamente my brother Thomas Spratleye Wyllyame toode Thomas Brudth[? - 'Branle'? in 154/239]
[Proved 30 June 1565]

Richard Spratley of Adersey, Lavendon, 1619 (D/A/We/27/148) [Also in D/A/Wf/22/312]
In the name of god Amen : The fifte day of January, I Richard Spratley of Adersey in the parishe of Lavendon, beinge sicke in bodie, but in perfecte minde and memory, thanckes be to god ; I give my soule to god, whoe gave it ; Imprimis I give unto Edward Storman xls : & one calfe ; to Willyam Spratley my sonne I give xls : I give to Edward Spratley my sonne xls : I give to my daughter Agnes xls : I give my daughter Lettice Spratley xls : Itm I give to my daughter Elizabeth xls : I give to Mary my daughter xls : all the rest of my goodes unbequeathed, I give unto Luce my wife whome I make my sole executrix after my debtes paide and my funerall dischardged ; I will that Mr Johnsonne shallbe supervisor of this my laste will and testament, as god shall enable him In witnes wheareof I have caused this my laste will to be made and have theareunto set my hande and seale, dated the fifte of January anno regni dn-i Jacobi nostri regis gratia dei Anglie 16:O et Scotie 52:O fidei defensor &c. Witnesses John Johnsonne clic-[?] William Spratley Edward Spratley Robert Pates.
[Proved 3 Feb 1618]

Bucks Archdeaconry Wills 1660-1858

[only done up to 1750ish]

John Spratley (the Elder) of Tingewick, Cordwainer, 1768 (D/A/We/95/12) [Also in D/A/Wf/96/116]
In the Name of God Amen this is the last Will and Testament of me John Spratley the Elder of Tingewick in the County of Bucks Cordwainer made this eighth day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and sixty three as follows (that is to say) First I give all my Copyhold Messuage or Tenement with the Appurt-s wherein I now dwell situate at Tingewick aforesaid (already Surrendered to the use of my Will and all other my real and personal Estate and Estates whatsoever and of what nature kind or sort soever unto my Son William Spratley of Tingewick aforesaid Cordwainer To hold to him my said Son William Spratley his Heirs Executors Administrators and Assigns for ever subject and chargeable Nevertheless with the payment of twenty five pounds unto my son John Spratley of Tingewick aforesaid Cordwainer his Executors or Assigns Also I appoint my said son William Sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament he paying my Just Debts and funeral Expences hereby revoking all former Wills and publishing and declareing this as and for my last Will and Testament In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and Year first above written John Spratley. Signed Sealed Read Published and declared by the Testator as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us who have hereunto set our Names at the request and in the Presence of the said Testator. Ann Arrowsmith == John Dury. Geo: Arrowsmith
[Proved 25 March 1768]

Richard Spratley of Wooburn, Butcher, 1754 (D/A/We/85/77) [Also in D/A/Wf/90/77]
In the Name of God Amen I Richard Spratley of the parish of Wooburne in the County of Bucks Butcher being of sound and disposing mind and memory praised be God for the same Do make and publish this my last Will and Testament in Writing in manner and form following (that is to say) I Give Will and devise unto John Hawkins of the parish of Wooburne aforesaid Gentleman All that my Messuage or Tenement wth all and every the apputenances thereunto belonging scituate at Wooburne Green in the parish of Wooburne aforesaid wherein I now dwell And also all other my Messuages Lands and Tenements whatsoever and wheresoever And all my moneys Goods Chattells Rights Creditts and personall whatsoever To hold to him the said John Hawkins and to his Heirs Executors Administrators and Assigns for ever Upon this special Trust and Confidence in him thesd John Hawkins Reposed and to the intent to enable him forthwith after my decease to sell and dispose of my Messuage or Tenement and all my lease and personall Estates for as much money as can be had and gotten for the same and out of the monies arising by such Sale In the first place to pay satisfy and discharge all the Mortgages and Incumbrances that shall or may effect the same and all other just Debts which I shall happen to owe at my Decease and after payment thereof and of my funeral Expences and the necessary Expences which thesd John Hawkins may be put unto in the Execution of the Trust hereby Reposed in him I Give and devise the Remainder of the moneys ariseing by such sale of my said Real and personall Estates as aforesaid unto my GrandChildren Ann Greygoose Sarah Greygoose Hannah Everett George Everett Richard Hudson Thomas Hudson Ralph Spicer Mary Spicer and Elizabeth Spicer equally to be divided between them and the survivors of them share and share alike And I hereby make and Constitute the said John Hawkins Executor in Trust of this my Will In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal the sixth day of October One thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty Richd Spratley. Signed Sealed Published and Declared by the said Richard Spratley to be his last Will and Testament in the Presence of us who have hereunto Subscribed our names as Witnesses thereto in his Sight and presence - William Durant - Francis Williams - Wm Collett
[Proved 1 May 1754]

Robert Spratley of Padbury, Husbandman, 1694 (D/A/We/43/28) [Also in D/A/We/56/138]
In the Name of God Amen : I Robert Spratley of Padbury in the County of Bucks Husbandma: being under some Indisposition of Body but of sound minde and memory (praised be God) doe thus make my Last Will and Testamt in man-er Following - First I Com-itt my Soule to God and my Body I Com-itt to the Earth hopeing through the Merits of Jesus Christ our Blessed Redeemer to Obtaine a Joyfull Resurrection to life Im-ortall and as to my temporall Estate I dispose thereof as Followeth (vizt) First Whereas I am possessed of a Lease for divers yeares to come of a House and a quarter of a yard Land in Padbury aforesaid which I hold of all souls colledge in Oxon now I doe hereby give and devise the said House & Lands to my Grandsonn Robert Reade and his assignes soe as he or they doe pay yearly unto Elizabeth my Loveing Wife dureing her Naturall life (if shee shall keepe her selfe a widdow) the sum of three pounds of good and lawfull money of England by quarterly paymts or provide and allow her sufficient Meate drinke lodging and washing at the Election of my said Wife and soe as he the said Robert doe Pay unto his two sisters namely Mary and Ann Read the sume of Five pounds within six Months Next after decease and least my said Grandsonn should over live the said term now to the Indent he may have the said House & Lands (charged Nevertheless with the payment of the three pounds a yeare to or provideing for my said Wife as aforesaid dureing her life (if shee should keep her selfe a Widdow) my Will is and I doe hereby desire & make it my request to the said Colledge that the said Lease of the usual time and times may be renewed in the name or names of two psons to be Trustees one to be named and chosen by my said Grandsonn and the other by my daughter Luce the Wife of John Reade Itm my Will is that if my so Grandsonn shall dye without issue before he attaine to the Age of One and Twenty yeares then doe hereby give to his said two sisters namely Mary and Ann Read the said House and Lands with the Lease and Interest therein Item I give to my Godsonn Christopher Clarke on shilling Item I give to my said daughter Luce Read all my Household Goods yet my Will is that my Wife shall have the use of one Bedstead one Feather Bedd one Feather Bolster one Feather Pillow three blanketts the least brewing kettle the least pottage pott the middle kettle two pewter dishes a wooden Chaire and her owne Coffer for her life (and if shee remaine a Widdow) not Imbezeling the same and of this my Will doe make my said daughter Luce Read sole Executrix and hereby Revoakeing all former or other Will or Wills by me made declare this to be my Last Will and Testamt: In Wittness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and and[sic] Seale the Nyneth day of February Ano dn-i Willi & dn-e Marie Nunc Rx & Regine Angle &c qu[?? - middle of book] Annoqu dn-i xxj[?] 1693 the mke of Robert Spratley signed sealed and published by the aforenamed Robert Spratley to be his last Will and Testamt: in the prsence of us Whose names are hereunto subscribed who subscribed the same in the prsence of the said Testator Edward Swannell Thomas Budd Jona Seyton
[Proved 14 July 1694]

Thomas Spratly of Adstock, Yeoman, 1688 (D/A/We/40/32) [Also in D/A/Wf/54/147]
In the name of God Amen I Thomas Spratley of Adstock in the County of Bucks yeoman being weake in Body but of a perfect minde & memory thanks be to God for it doe make & ordaine this my last Will & Testament in manner & Form Following And first of all I bequeath my Soule into the hands of Allmighty God Trusting to be save by the meritt of my Deare Saviour Jesus Christ & my Body to the Earth decently to be Buryed in the Churchyard of Padbury by my Father Swannel according to the discretion of my Overseers & Trustees hereafter named & for my worldly Goods wch God has lent me I dispose of as followes Item I give and bequeath to my Dear Father Robert Spratley the full and Just sume of Twenty Shillings It I give and bequeath to my mother Swannel the sume of Twenty Shillings It I will and appoint that if my beloved wife Mary shall be with child at the time of my Decease the child whether male or female shall have the full and Just sume of One Hundred Pounds to be raised out of my Goods and Chattells & payd by my Executrix hereafter named when the said Childe shall Arive at the Age of One and Twenty yeares It I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Mary all those lands in Padbury Fields which I had with her in Doure to her and her heires forever It: if my wife shall not be with Child at the time of my Decease then I give and bequeath to my Cozen George Swannel the full and Just sume of Tenn pounds It I give and bequeath to my two Cozens William Swannel Jnr & Mary Swannel Jnr two Teggs apeice It: all the Rest of my Goods and Chattells Bills Bonds Creditts debts Dues and Demands whatsoever I give and bequeath to my beloved Wife Mary & make her the Sole Executrix of this my last Will and Testament I doe Alsoe nominate and appoint my loveing Friends Mr Thomas Egerton Clerk & my brother William Swannel Trustees & Overseers of the same & desire them to be Carefull & punctual to see Every thing disposed of as it is herein by me devised and bequeathed In witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and Seale this Nyneteenth day of January Ano Din- 1687 the marke of Thomas Spratley Signed sealed and published in the prsence of us William Egerton Tho: Egerton Clerk William Swannel his marke
[Proved 2 May 1688]

Thomas Spratly of Tingewick, Cordwainer, 1707 (D/A/Wf/62/160) [Also in D/A/We/49/165, but huge hole in middle of pages]
In the Name of God Amen I Thomas Spratly of Tingewick in the County of Bucks Cordwainer being sick and weake in body but of sound and Perfect Minde and Memory all possible praise be given to Almighty God for the same doe make and ordaine this my last will and Testament in Mannor and forme followeing (that is to say) First and principally I Comend My Soul into the hands of Almighty God my Creator and Redeemer hopeing through the Meritorious death and Passion of Jesus Christ my Saviour and Redeemer to be made Partaker of Eternall life And My body I comitt to the Earth to be decently Interred att the discretion of My Executrix hereinafter named and as for such Temporall Estate as itt has pleased Almighty God to bestowe uppon me I give and dispose thereof as followeth Impri-s I give will devise and Bequeath unto Mary Spratley My deare and Loveing wife All my Goods Chattels Implements of household stuff for soe Long time as she shall continue sole and unmarried And in Case my said wife shall Intermarry with any other Person then My will is that all my said housegoods goods [sic] and Chattells & Implements of household stuff shall be devided amongst my Three Children Thomas Spratley John Spratley and Mary Spratley my Daughter share and share alike Item I give will devise and Bequeath unto My sonn John Spratley all that my Coppyhold Messuage Cottage or Tenement and Close thereto belonging wich I lately Purchase[sic] of Edward Brown to him and his heires forever Item I give will devise and Bequeath unto my said sonn John all those my Six Ridges of arrable Land which I lately Purchased of the said Edmund Brown Upon Condicon that he shall pay unto my Daughter Mary the sume of forty Pounds soe soon as she shall attaine the age of Eighteen Yeares and for defaulte of payment thereof then I give and devise all the said Six Ridges unto my said daughter Mary her heires forever And I doe hereby Constitute and appointe the said Mary My deare and Loveing wife full and sole Executrix of this My Last will and Will [sic] and Testament And Lastly I doe hereby disanull revoke and make voide all former wills by me heretofore made & doe declare this only to be my Will and Testament this four and Twentyeth day of August in the fifth Yeare of the Reigne of our Sov-eigne Lady Ann by the Grace of God Queen over England &c Annoq dn-i 1706
Signed sealed Published and declared by the abovenamed Thomas Spratley
the Testator in the prsence of us who have hereunto subscribed our Names The m-ke of
as Wittnesses in the prsence of the sd Testator Thomas Spratley
 Will Perkins
 John Perkins
 John Stone
[Proved 17 September 1707]

Christopher Robinson of North Marston, Labourer, 1689 (D/A/We/40/103) [Also in D/A/Wf/54/209]
30 Sep 1679.
... my now wife Ursula ...
... Item I will and bequeath unto Katherine Spratly the now wife of John Bonham my Daughter in Law the sume of Fifteene pounds to be paid by James Lucas Junr within one halfe yeare after my Decease and my wife Ursula's decease ...
[The Lucas family got pretty much everything, and Ursula was executrix]
[Proved 28 May 1689]

Abstracts of Bucks Archdeaconry Wills 1686-1695

[Robert Spratley of Padbury, Husbandman, 1694 ; Thomas Spratly of Adstock, Yeoman, 1688 ; Christopher Robinson of North Marston, Labourer, 1689.]

Anne Brown of Tingewick, Widow.
Made 20 May 1691. Proved 28 Jan 1691/2 by Mary Spratley als Browne wife of John[check: not Thomas??] Spratley, daughter, sole exix.

George Crow the elder of Westbury, Carpenter.
Made 6 Jul 1691. Proved 27 Apr 1692.
Wits : ... Will: Spratley

Bucks Wills at Herts R.O.

1709 Spratley John, Winslow, Ad. Bd. 146AW34
1741 Spratley John, butcher, Winslow, Ad. Bd. & Alleg. 178AW31