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Testamentary Records in the Commissary Court of London (London Division) 1374-1649 & 1661-1700

Testamentary Records in the Commissary Court of London (London Division), Volume III, 1571-1625 (British Record Society, 1985) [Centre for Oxfordshire Studies]
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 Year Register Folio
Spratley, Spratly,Jn., cit. & turner, <O[riginal].W[ill]> 1596 18 312v
  [St. And. Hub.]; W. & (nuncup.) cod.     [15 65]
[Jn., St. Bri.; admon.   1613 16 184 ]
 Uziah (sic), Stepney, Mdx.; admon./W.; <O.W.> 1625 24 622
  (no exor. named)     [17 243v]
[things in [] are derived from the Probate and Administration Act Books]

Probate and Administration Act Books

(MS 9168/15/65)
Mense Avrilis 1596
[edge of page]
 Eodem[Vicesimo septimo] die probatu fuit testam- cu- Codicillo Johis Spratley nup pochie sanct Andree Hubberd defunct m-ramento Thomazine Thorne sororis et executrice Cni etc de b-ne etc Ac de pleno etc Necnon de vero etc Jurat &c salvo iure etc Civite London
Jury extu- iiijli xd

(MS 9168/16/184)
Mense Novembris 1613
 Vicesimo septimo die eiu- Commissio Margarete Spratley rel-ce Johis Spratley nup p-oe ste Brigitte Civite London abin testat defunct Ad Administrand bona et deboe &c Ac de pleno &c shur[?] &c Civite London
Jury ext iijl ixs vjd

(MS 9168/16/284)
Mense Octobris An-o D-ni 1617
 Nono die p mr-in Thoma- Langelie cl-icium surr-ij &c emt Com-ssio Joanne Carals Seeley filie nati et margarete Spratlinge nup p-oe s-te Brigitte Civite London abin testat defunct Ad Administrand bona &c dd b-ne &c Ac de pleno &c Necnon de Vero &c in psona magri Thome Ward norij publi pruris[?] dce Joanne Jur &c salvo vire[?] &c Civite London
Jury ext 7 . 2 . 2

(MS 9168/17/243v)
Mense Novembris An-o 1625
 Cod die em-t Comissio Thome Spyer legtoris noiat in testo sine ultima vote Uziah Spratley nup p-oe de Stepney in com Midd defunct Ad Adm-strand- bona &c iuxta tuorem testi dict defunct de raco-l qd nullos in eod noian-it exres sive exrem &c de b-ne &c ac de pleno &c necnon de vero &c iur &c salvo iur &c London Civa
Blasij Jury ex xvl 19s 2d

[didn't bother with MS 9168/18/284v, the entry for Anne Spratling, widow of Stepney]

(MS 9168/18/347v)
June 1638
Susanna Spratlinge Eod[Septimo] die ... Susanne Spratlinge nup poe de Stepney in Com Midd- ab nitestato Defunct ... Georgij Spratlinge filij ...

(MS 9168/27/103v)
July 1694
 Vicesimo sexto die Emt como Margarette Spratlin Vidua Relicta Johannis Spratlin nup pr-oe Ste Marie Whitechappell sed ad navem Regiam ye Sussex Spertan defti Ad Ad-strand- bona &c

Original Wills

(MS 9171/18/312v)
In the name of god Amen the Seaventh day of Aprill 1596 And in the eighte and thirteth yeare of the raigne of our Sov-aigne Ladye Elizabeth by the grace of god Queene of England Fraunce and Ireland defendor of the faithe &c I John Spratly Citizen and Turnor of London at this presente sicke of body but of goode and pfect memorye god therefore be praysed doe make and declare this my presente laste will and testamente in mannor and forme followinge that is to saye Firste and principallye I commend my soule unto Almighty god and my bodye to the earthe to be buried where it shall please god to take it Itm I give and bequeathe unto my Cosen John Bland a payer of red sister Thomazine Thorne my wives beste gowne and a kirtle Itm I give and bequethe unto my Cosen John Blande a payre of red and greene Curtaines of saye and a furred gowne Itm I doe also give and bequethe unto my saide Cosen Blande my beste gowne upon Condicon that hee pay unto Mr Mathewe de Quester Ten shillings that I owe him Itm I give and bequethe unto margaret White a payer of saie[?] pillowbeares Also I give and bequethe unto Margaretsame White my dansk[?] cheste and to my servant Nicholas Fletcher my drawinge Table The rest and residue of all and singuler my goods and chattells whatsoev- not before given and bequethed my will and pleasure is shall be solde to the uttermost and that the mony arisinge and comminge of the same shall be putt into the hande custodye and safe keepinge of the company of Turnors in London whereof I am free to and for the beste use and keepinge pfitt and commoditye of my sonne Joseph Spratly who is nowe on the voyage with Sir Frauncis Drake And yf he shall dye before he come home Then I give and bequethe the same unto my saide sister Thorne and her children And of this my laste will and testamente I doe make and ordeyne my saide sister Thomazine Thorne to be my Executrice and my saide Cosen Blande to be my overseer In witnes whereof I have hereunto sett my seale the daye and yeares firste above written The mke of the saide John Spratly Sealed subscribed and as his laste will and Testamente delivered in the p-nce of us Rich Lumley s-vant to Tho: Lucas Scr by me Richard Cook
Memorandum that on the ixth day of Aprill 1596 after the makinge of this testamente John Spratley the said Testator beinge in his pfitt minde and memorye did further give and will that his Cosen John Bland shoulde have his Tapestrye coverlett he payinge therefore to his sonne Josephe xxs in mony yf he shall come home of his voyage wth Sir Frauncis Drake And yf his saide sonne shall dye before he come home then he willed that the saide John Blande shoulde pay to his saide sister Thomazine Thorne xs in mony and so to have the saide coverlett beinge p-nte Richard Cake plummer Agnes Bland and others
Proved xxvij Aprill 1596

[Drake's last voyage was in 1595-6 to the West Indies. He died on 28 January 1596, and the British fleet descended into chaos. They fought the Spanish for a while, neither side really gaining anything, and the British ships finally returned home one by one in April and May 1596]

(MS 9171/24/622)
Memorandum That Uziah Spratley late of the parish of Stepney in the Countie of Midd- deceased did whilest he lived of pfect minde and memorie and whilest he languished of the contagious sicknes whereof he died declare his last will nuncupative by word of mouth upon the xvijth daie of August 1625 as followeth First he desired his Fatherinlaw Thomas Spier to take care of his childe Thomas Spratley and willed and bequeathed all his goods chattles and creditts unto him the saide Thomas Spier for and towards the satisfaccon of such debts as he ought especiallie to him and mris Wingfield And that if anie thinge remayned after his debts paide and funerall discharged the same should be given to his saide childe Thomas Spratley if he lived or to the like effect in the presence of Thomas Moulton Cicelie Moulton Bateman and others Thomas Moulton The marke of Cicilie Moulton
Proved 22 Nov 1625

(MS 9171/27/210v)
Anne Spratling of Lymehouse in the parish of Stokunheath als Stepney in the County of Midd- widowe
... Susan the wife of Abell Spratling of Lymehouse aforesaid Saylor
... Joyce Holloway of Limehouse widowe
... Elizabeth daughter of the said Joyce Holloway
... Martha Horninge of Lymehouse widowe
... Jane the wife of Thomas Lane of Lyme
... Blanch Sawyer the wife of John Sawyer of Lymehouse
... Sara Lacey the daughter of John Lacey of Lymehouse marriner
... Ellinor Cocke daughter of Caleb Cocke of Lymehouse
... Elizabeth Archer daughter [doesn't say of whom]
... Ursula Lacye wife of the above named John Lacye
... Rebecka Hodgekins wife of Henry Hodgekins of Ratcliffe in the County of Midd-

Testamentary Records in the Archdeaconry Court of London, 1363-1649 & 1661-1700

Testamentary Records in the Archdeaconry Court of London, Volume II, 1661-1700 (British Record Society, 1985) [Centre for Oxfordshire Studies]
  Year Register Folio
Spratley, Jn., St. And. Hol.; Eliz. S., rel. ren. adm. 1676 11 56v

(MS 9050/11/56v)
 Vicesimo tertio die mensis Decembris Anno 1676 Coram Doctore Fauconberge Surro &c in ejus Camera &c prsentia vidi[nidi?] Johannis Tayler norij publico
Negotium Renunciationis Admine bonorum jurium et Creditorum Johann[edge of page] Spratley nup parochiŠ sancti Andrew Holbourne in Comitatu Midd-e defuncti factum p Elizabetham Spratley Relictam dicti defuncti


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