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Calendarium Genealogicum, Henry III and Edward I Ed. Charles Roberts (Longmans, Green, Reader, and Dyer, 1865)
p.382 15 Edw. I.
40. De secta ad Wapentachium de Holdernes' de terris in manerio de Sprotteleye de quibus Simon de Veer feoffasset Robertum Gilt et Rogerum de Lund. -- Prædictus Robertus Gilt feoffavit Hugonem Gilt filium suum et prædictus Rogerus de Lund' Simonem de Lund nepotem suum de terris prædictis.

The Complete Book of Emigrants in Bondage 1614 - 1775 Peter Wilson Coldham
Spratlye, James, aged 17, dark, T Oct 1720 Gilbert LC Md May 1721. Sy.
Spratley, Millicent, als. Featherstone, Ann wife of James S Jan T Mar 1764 Tryal M.

Public Record Office, Kew

Transportation Lists
Asia 200. VDL 13/08/1827
Abraham Spratley Berks Assizes 02/03/1827 Life
[ie. Abraham Spratley convicted at Berks Assizes 2/3/1827, transported 13/8/1827 on "Asia" to Van Diemens Land, life sentence]

Bodleian Library (Catalogues)

Searching OLIS for "all=Sproatley"
Sproatley monumental inscriptions, published by East Yorkshire Family History Society, 1991 (BOD M92.F08139)
It only covers the ones in the churchyard - no Spr*tleys
Searching Pre-1920 for "Sproatley"
W. Billington Criticus unmask'd, or, The poet turn'd grinder : a parody. Inscribed to the Weedonian bard, by Lapidarius, and others [W. Billington, Aldbrough and Sproatley. In verse]. Northampton, 1786.
Subject : English poetry - 1660-1788 - Works
Added Heading : Stratford, Edward, 2nd earl of Aldbrough
Shelfmark : 2799 e.416(1)
Searching Pre-1920 Catalogue Books for "Spratl*"
Spratly (W.J.) A key to truth, superseding Darwinism by a theory of atomic force. Lond (1885)
Religion; or, God and all things, an epic. Lond (1889, 90)
The scientific bases for a future state; or Darwin developed. Lond (1894)
The spectral rock : a poem. Lond (1881)
Spratling (William Joseph) Latin for little folks. Lond (1882) [just happened to notice him - noted as W.J., and has similar dates to above]
Searching British Library for "Spratley"
several recent
Spratley, Samuel M. A paper on drying chambers. Feb 8 1899 Southall (1899?) Shelfmark 1652/32
Spratley, Thomas The Vindication and Warrior, or the Poet's defence of senators : a satirical poem. First part. Aylesbury 1830 11633.de.23

Menin Gate, Ypres

On the Menin Gate at Ypres, Belgium
J. Spratley fell at Ypres, WW1


Vic Gold
[Database of families who immigrated to Victoria, Australia, covering Victoria's gold rush era (only persons who married or had at least one child prior to 1860)]
Eliza Spratley = 1853, Victoria to Henry Luke Brennan
John Spratley b.1813 Surrey, England = 1853, Melbourne, Victoria to Robina Elizabeth Mar… Wilson b.1825 Glasgow, Scotland
Jane Spratley b.1831 Eversley, England = 1852, Gisborne, Victoria to John Hitchcock b.1821 Windsor, England, children :
 John William b.1852 Melbourne, Vic d.1853 Melbourne
 Mary Jane b.1854 Pentridge, Vic
 George Henry b.1856 Pentridge, Vic
 Arthur b.1859 Pentridge, Vic
 Jacob b.1860 [not Victoria]
 John William b.1862 Pentridge, Vic
 Ellen b.1865 Pentridge, Vic d.1866
 Alfred Henry b.1867 Pentridge, Vic d.1868
 Albert Richard b.1869 Pentridge, Vic
 Rose b.1871 Melbourne, Vic

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"Doc Spratley" is a type of fish fly.

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Spratley, Erin     68     Green, Bruce     S163 29 Mar 1954             ERIN6NB
Spratley, Maria Lo 1724   Carpenter, Willi S163        1854        1899 CURO6MD
Spratley, Maria Lo 7090   Carpenter, Willi S163        1854        1899 CRON7CA
Spratley, Maria Lo 7257   Carpenter, Willi S163        1854        1899 HOLP7HA
SPRATLEY, SARAH    2729   CHRISTMAS, THOMA S163                         LICG6FD
Spratley, William  509    Lindsley, JoAnn  S163                         GOODM1[sic]
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