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Oxfordshire Muster Rolls 1539, 1542, 1569 (Oxfordshire Record Society Vol 60) [Oxfordshire Record Office (or COS?)]

South Newington Churchwardens' Accounts 1553 - 1684 (Banbury Historical Society) [Oxfordshire Record Office]
p.ix Donations, perhaps by way of thank offerings after childbirth, occur twice, when the wife of William Hall and the wife of William Spratley gave 12d. each.
p.2 Memorandum that James Gedge, gent., Sir William Persune, vycar, Thomas Apeltre and Thomas Clemense, husbonde-men dyd looke in the churche boxe of Sowethnewnton the 29th daye of Januarye in the fyrste yeare of the reynge of Quene Marye the fyrste [1553/4] and yt was att that tyme in the said boxe 44s. 7d., and Rychardes did owe to the boxe 7d., and Thomas Spratele 17d. whereoff we, the sayed James, Wyllm, Thomas and Thomas have payd for a vestyment and a coope 19s. 6d. and for a mannell[manuell? - check] 4s. and so remayneth in the boxe besides the foresayd debts 21s. 1d.
1554 Thomas Spratlye, Thomas Clemensce chosen churchemen the 2 day of November in the yer above saide and have resaved the box, 21s. 2d.
Imprimis, Thomas Spratley hathe recevyd of the town of Southnewton for to pay the fyfften 13d.
Also Thomas Spratlye oweth 20d.
02/11/1574 The same daye weare chosen churchwardynes Thomas Spratly and John Hardeman
Thomas Spratly have made his acompte and there remayneth in the boxe 26s. 8d.
Item for wyne for William Sprotley his wife 2d.
Elected the same day for churchewardens : Phillipe Downe, Thomas Sprotley.
1580 The Accompte of Phillipe Downe and Thomas Sprotley churchewardens made the second daie of November anno Domini 1580 ...
Item rec' of Thomas Sprotley for malte 10d.
Elected the same daie for churchwardens : Thomas Sprotley, William Buckingham.
1581 The accompte of Thomas Sprotley and William Buckingham, churchwardens, made the second daie of November, anno Domini 1581 ...
Item spent at Oxford by Thomas Sprotley for bringinge a presentment 15d.
Item rd' of William Spratley his wyfe given to the church 12d.
Churchwardens : Christopher Boorman, Thomas Spratley.
1590 The accompt of Christopher Boorman and Thomas Spratley made the second of November, and first his receits ...
Item spent by Thomas Spratley when the church was interdicted in going to Dr. Woods 2d.
Churchwardens, Thomas Spratley, Thomas Heines.
1591 The accompts of Thomas Spratley and Thomas Heines the second of November ...
Heerafter follow the layinges out of Thomas Spratley and Thomas Heines ...
Imprimis receved of Thomas Spratley churchwarden the yere last before going 26s. 1d.
02/11/1593 Absent from the churchwarden's accompt ...
Thomas Spratley [then 7 more names and the words 'The ferme' written under. Then about 20 names including Thomas Sprotley 12d. which have amounts after their names]

Oxford Church Courts : Depositions 1581-1586 Jack Howard-Drake [Oxfordshire Record Office]
[Done the books covering 1542-1596]
88. Testamentary : goods of Edward Campion : 8 May 1585 ... [dates in between] ... 2 October 1585.
Parties : Joan Dall alias Campion v. John Campion of South Newington.
Others : [several people, mostly of South Newington] ... ; Thomas Spratlie of South Newington, resident 40 years and more, born at Maids Moreton, Bucks, aged 72 and more ; ...

Banbury Corporation Records: Tudor and Stuart (Banbury Historical Society Volume 15) [Oxfordshire Record Office]
p.60 16 June 1590
The inhabitants of the town of Banbury in number 95 having subscribed this petition, humbly pray your lordship's honorable favour for the continuance of their minister and a preacher, one Mr. Bracebridg, amongst them, who is like to be deprived for matters of ceremonies.
[6th from bottom] Richard Spr[e]tly

The Civil War in Oxfordshire David Eddershaw [Centre for Oxfordshire Studies]
Banbury suffered a particularly bad fire in March 1628, when a third of the houses in the town were destroyed in four hours.
Although Banbury was only ordered to find 40, (perhaps because it was still suffering from the effects of the fire in 1628), there was great difficulty in collecting it.

Oxford & North Berkshire Protestation Returns and Tax Assessments 1641 - 2 (Banbury Historical Society) [Oxfordshire Record Office]
Bloxham Hundred: Tadmarton The Bill of the parish of Todmorton in the County of Oxon.
John Spratly Senio'
John Spratly Junio'
All these are of our parish of Todmorton above the age of eighteene, And they have all taken the protestation according to the order appointed, the xxiiih day of February 1641.
Assessment[Subsidy] : Tadmarton John Spratley and his sonne Thomas, 5s
Chadlington Hundred: Leafield The names of the Inhabitants of Lefield which have taken their protestation,
William Spratly

The 1662 Hearth Tax Returns for Ploughley Hundred area in Oxfordshire [http://www.whipple.org/oxford/]
Fringford 1662 Petty Constables Returns
William Spratly

Oxfordshire Hearth Tax 1665 [Oxfordshire Record Office]

Surname Index behind reception desk [Centre for Oxfordshire Studies]
Spratley Miss Mabel : 'The Cat Lady' of Nettlebed Obit Henley Standard F 17 Feb 1984 p.10