Oxfordshire Wills (Oxfordshire Record Office)

Will of William Sprotley of South Newington 1588 (58/2/2)
In the name of god, Amen the firste daie of Aprill, 1588 I Willm Sprotley of Southnewton in the Countie of Oxon husbandman sicke in body, but of perfecte mynde and memorie Doe make this my Laste Will and testamt in maner and forme followinge:
Firste I bequeth my soule unto allmyghtie god, and my bodie to be buried in Xpian buriall. Item I give to the motherchurche in Oxford vijd. Item I give to my sonne John an yron bound paire of wheles, one redd heifer of foure years olld, Fyve shepe with one Lambe, one paire of shetes, one Coverlett, and a blankett, two peces of pewter being platters. Item I give to my sonne Thomas one pied heifer, and A black calf, Fyve shepe wth one Lambe, one quarter of barly, to be made in maulte, one paire of shetes, one Coverlett with a blankett, two platters, and one kettle beinge the myddle kettle. Item I give to my Doughter Deanes one browne heifer, Five shepe wth a blacke lambe, two platters, one Candlesticke, A saltseller, a Possnett, the best brasse pott to be Delyvrd after the Decease of her mother, and one quart of barlye, Item my Will is, that all the reste of my goodes remaine to my Wife Whome I make my sole executrix And Thomas Sprotley myne owne father, and Thomas Hancocke my father in Law to be overseers herof Wittnesses, John Campion, Thoms Giles and Olyver Orrell Vicar there
 Debita q ego Debes
Impms to Edward Paxeson iijld vs to be paide the thursdaie after the Easter Weeke
 Debita q mihi Debent
Impms John Spurrier oweth unto me xxs
Itm Thoms Higges oweth unto me iiijs
Itm George Jenner oweth unto me iiijs
Itm Richard Tymes oweth unto me vjs
Itm Xpofer, called Joiner oweth unto me iijs
Itm Thomas Crosse oweth unto me iiis xd
Itm Thomas Jenkinson oweth unto me vs
sm totee xlvs xd
 Probat cora [...] xxiiij die Aprilis 1588 in psona executrics [...]

Will of Thomas Spratley of South Newington 1600 (58/3/22)
In ye name of god Amen the fourtenth day of Febuarie in the two & fortath yere of the raigne of or Sovraigne ladie Elizabeth by the grace of god of England Fraunce & Ireland queene Deffendr of the faith - &c. I Thomas Spratley of Sowthnewto- in the Countie of Oxon husband- being weake in bodie but yet of good & pfect remembraunce (thanks be geve- to god therfore), Doe make this my last will & testamt in mannr & fourme follinge. First & comend my soule to allmightie god my creator and mrcifull fathr by the Death and passio- of whose only sonne Jss Chryst I beleeve steedfastly to be saved, & my bodye to be laied in the Church yard of Sowthnewto- aforesaied Item I geve & bequeath unto Robrt Wilkins my daughters husband ^and Agnes his wyfe vis viijd to be paide wtin one yere next coming after my Decease Item I geve to Wm Hurst of Banburie my Daughters sonne iijs iiijd to be paid wtin the tyme aforesaied. Item I geve unto Richard Spratley ye yongr one cow. Itm I geve to ye poore of or saied towne xiiijd. Item I geve to John Turnr vjd. The rest of all my goods & chattell my bequeasts pformed & my funrall expenses Discharged I geve & bequeath unto Richard Spratley my sonne whome I ordaine & appoint the executor of this my last will & testament. In testimonye heereof I have, to this my will, sett to myne hand the Day & yere first above writte-
 Witnesses hereunto
 Wm Buckinga-
 Richard Buggin Signu
 Rogr Banne[?] clark Rici X Spratley
 ye wrytr
 Probatum coram nobis Anthonio Blincow &c Apud Chippingnorton [...] ultimo die mens martii 1600 [...] Ac p nos &c Executori [...]

Administration of Richard Spratley of South Newington 1615
Novrint univrsi per prsentes nos Agnetem Spratley de South Newton in com Oxon vidua et Willium Dale de Civitate Bristol Pharmacopola teneri et firmiter obligari Anthonio Blincowe legu dcori revrendi pris- dni- Johannis Oxon Episcopi vicario in Spualibus genrli et officiale primli ltime constitute in quinquaginta libris bonę et legalis monetę Angliae Solvende eidem Anthonio Blincowe aut suo certo Atturnat executor administrator vel assignats suis Adqua quidem solus bene et fidlr faciend obligamus nos et utrunqr nrm- per se pro toto et in solul heredes exres et adres nros[?] firmiter per prsentes Sigillis nris Sigillat dat ultimo die menss Junii Anno Regni dni nri Jacobi dei gra Anglię Fraunce et Hibnię Regis fidei defenss pa decmo tertio et Scotię quadragesimo octavo 1615

The condicon of this obligacon is such That yf the above bound Agnes Spratley Wydowe the relicte and admintrix of all and Singuler the goods Cattells Chattells Creditts and debts of Richard Spratley late of South Newon above said deceased doe and shall well and truly administer the same goods Cattells Chattells credits and debts and well and truly pay all and singuler the debts wch the said deceased att the tyme of his lyfe did truly owe or was chargeable to pay soe farre forth as his said goods cattells chattells & creditts will hereto extend and the Lawe in that behalf shall charge her And furthermore doe and shall make and exhibite into the consistory corte of Oxon a true faythfull and pfecte Accompte of her admincon of the said goods when she shalbee thereto Lawfully called And such parte or porcon of the said goods as shall remaine uppon the said Accompte examined and allowed shall distribute & dispose as by the ordinary of the diocesse of Oxon for the tyme beinge shalbee Limited and appointed And Lastly doe and shall save & keepe harmles the above named Anthony Blincowe his heires extor admtors Successrs deputies and assignes and all others the Officers & ministers belonging to the consistory corte of Oxon and evry of them for graunting unto her the lres of admincon of the said deceaseds goods & of and from all and evry thing & things concerning the same Then this obligacon to be voyd & of none effecte or els the same to remaine in full force power & vertue.
 Sealed and delivred Signed X dioc[?] J[?] Me Wm Dale G.
 in the prsence of us : 
 Humphrey Jones

ulto Junii 1615 venrabilis vir Anthonius Blincowe [...] com-sit lras adms p Agneti relce [...]

An inventorie of all the goods & cattalls of Richard Spratley late of South Newton husbandman deceased made the xvith of July & pryced by us whose names are underwritten as followth
Imp. A table board in the Hall, wt a frame & and an old bench vis
It. an old Cupboard xijd
It. tow old litle brasse pots & a chaforne[meaning: saucepan] xs
It three othr broken brasse pots & tow old kettles vs
It an othr old kettle & a forye brasse panne  vjs
It tow brasse kandlesteicks xd
It all the pewtr vs
It all his wearing apparell xiijs iiijd
It all the linen xijs
It an old bed three boulsters three pillows three bed coverings one blanket xiijs iiijd
It tow old bedsteeds ijs
It fower old Coffers vjs
It three Drink barrels iijs
It all the treene[meaning : wooden] vessels ijs
It all the yron instruments & old yron vs
It an auld malt mill a boulting [meaning : hand sifting mill] which[ie.with] a trough vis viijd
It a fory chaier wt old stooles xvid
It all the hose boards iiijs
It a Cheese presse & and old wheele viiijd
It three shepicks ixd
It an old Cart one plow tow harrowes xiiijs
It Dishes & Spoons viijd
It hovelling and old wood in ye yard xiijs
It sixe hens & fower ducks iijs
It three litle stere piggs ixs
It an horse an old mare & colt ls
It all the Crop on the ground xvil
Pryced thus by usSuma totalis
 xxvl xiijs
John edes Peter Wyat his mark
 William Campin his marke
 Thomas Roberts his mark

Administration of Agnes Spratley of South Newington 1616
Novrint univrsi p pntes Nos Richardum Spratley de South newton in Com Oxon husbandman et Richardu- Dale de Eadem husbandman teneri et firmiter obligari Anthonio Blincow lega doctori Revrendi in ppo pris ac dm dni Johanis prim[?] ssone[?] divina Oxon Epi Vicar in Spualibus generali et officiali prinli ltime constitut in quinquaginta libris bone et legalis monete Anglie solvend eidem Anthonio aut suo certo atturnato Executoribus Administratoribus vel assignats suis ad qua quide solus bene et fidelr faciend obligamus nos et utrumqr urm p se proto et in solid heredes Executores et Administratores nros firmiter p pntes sigillis nris sigillat dat duo decimo die mensis octobris Ano Regni dni nri Jacobi dei gra Anglię Fraunce et Hibernię Regis fidei defensoris et decimo quarto et Scotię Quinquagesimo 1616

The condicon of this obligacon is such That yf the above bound Richard Spratley the naturall and lawfull sonne and Administrator of all and singuler the goods Cattells Chattells Creditts and debts of Annis Spratley late while she lived of South newton above written deceased doe and shall well and truly administer the saied goods Cattells Chattells Creditts and debts of the saied deceased and well and truly paye the debts which she ought at the tyme of her decease soe farr as the saied goods Cattells Chattells Creditts and debts will hereto extend and the lawe in that behalfe shall chardge him and likewyse doe make and exhibite into the Consistorie Courte for the Dioc of Oxon a true and pfecte Accompte of and Uppon his adminstracon of the saied goods when he shalbe there to lawfully ^called and such pte or porcon of the saied goods as shall remayne uppon the saied accompte exaied and allowed shall distribute and dispose as by the ordinarie of the dioc of Oxon for the tyme beinge shalbe Lymited and appoynted and lastly doe & shall save and keepe harmeles the above named mr Doctor Blincow his deputies & successors & his & their officers & ministers their and either of their Executors administrators and assignes from all manner of costs and chardges for and concerninge the granting of the saied lres of Administracon of the saied deceaseds goods unto him the said Richard comitted upon this obligacon to be voyde & of none effecte or els the same to remayne in full force power and vertue
 Sealed and delivred Richard Spratley sig X deci
 in the prsence of us   Rich Dale
 Richard Serxury[?]  

 xjth of October anno 1616
The Invetary of the goodes of Angnis Spratly late dessesed of Sowthenewton

Itm all the whole croppe of corne heye and pesse praysed xxiiij pound
 John edes Itm her weryng Aeperell[?] xxxs
 Wyllm Campins marke Itm her buryall xxs
 Petter Wyetts marke
 Rychard dales marke
 Thomas Roberts marke

xijo die Octob: 1616 [...] lras adms bonorii [...] Richd Spratley filii &c [...]

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