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Yorkshire Archζological Journal [Bodleian Library, York Minster]

Volume XX
 Poll Tax Returns for the East Riding 4 Ric II

Among the Lay Subsidy Rolls in the Public Record Office there are four belonging to the East Riding of Yorkshire for the Poll Tax of 4 Ric II (1381), viz. detailed rolls of the wapentakes of Harthill, Buckrose, and Ouse and Derwent, and "view of account" of Hull. The rolls are all imcomplete.

p.325Ebor. East Riding. Wapentake of Harthill.
 Beverley [first page missing]
  Constabularia de Fyshmarketgate
   Robertus Sprotley et uxor ejus iis vjd
[1 shilling was the basic levy per head for everyone over 15, but poorer people paid less, and richer people more]
p.345Poll Tax Return for the Wapentake of Harthill
 Thoren Syse et Wodmanse
  Jur' Willelmus Sprotley uxor ejus ijs
[He was third on the list, and for some reason the first few people on each list had Jur' in from of their name]

The Victoria County History of Yorkshire [Beverley Record Office]

[Nothing Vols I or II]

Volume III
 The Religious Houses of Yorkshire

106. The Hospital of St. Nicholas, Beverley

Leland says 'ther was an Hospital of S. Nicholas by the Black Freres but it is dekayid.' Probably it was from its nearness to the house of the Black Friars that it came to be commonly called the 'Friary.' The earliest allusion to it seems to be in an indulgence for ten days, which Archbishop Romanus granted in 1286 to those who visited and helped the decayed folk of the hospital of the blessed Nicholas of Beverley. Some charters dated 1363 and 1414 respectively, describe land as adjoining that 'of the brethren and sisters of the brotherhood of St. Nicholas.'

 Masters [incomplete]
 Thomas Sprotteley, appointed 1427 [York Archiepis. Reg. Kemp.], died

128-130. Other Hospitals of Hedon

The Hospital of St. Sepulchre.--This hospital, which stood on the north of the town, west of the road to Preston, was founded by Alan Fitz Hubert, who granted to the lepers of St. Sepulchre of Hedon 7 acres, being the site on which the buildings were erected, and adjacent lands.


On 27 February 1468 Joan de Twyer directed in her will that she was to be buried in the chapel of the hospital of St. Sepulchre juxta Hedon, and bequeathed to the master of the hospital a ewer and basin, and a brazen mortar. [York Reg. of Wills, iv, fol. 130.]


In the Valor Ecclesiasticus the yearly revenue of the hospital is set down as £11 18s. 4d. In 1526 the mastership was reckoned at £4 a year.

  Masters [covers 1210 onwards, incomplete]
 Richard Sprotlay, occurs 1468 [York Reg. of Wills, iv, fol. 130.]
 [The hospital had a master, brothers and sisters]

The Victoria County History of the County of York East Riding [Beverley Record Office]

[Nothing Vols I - V]

Volume VI : Beverley
 Keepers or Governors until 1573

The sparsity of surviving records makes it impossible to compile a complete list. Governors were elected for one year and their eligibility for re-election was controlled by rules which were changed more than once in the 15th century. In the following list those who were re-elected are named only once, the dates of their later terms being in brackets after their names. The 12 men in office …

1445-6 Simon Sproatley (1450-1, 1454-5)
1451-2 John Sproatley (1455-6)

Early Yorkshire Charters William Farrer (1915) [Bodleian Library]

Volume II
 [Footnotes about Ingram family]

John Ingram … . His daughter and heir, Edeline, married Robert son of Erneis, a cadet of the house of Goxhill, co. Linc. … assuming that Robert son of Erneis was of the family of Goxhill, or Goushill, it appears that he also had issue by Adeline Ingram a son Adam, described as "de Sproatley", "de Vere" and "de Goushill." This Adam was dead in 1205, when Simon de Kyme answered for his debts on behalf of Walter, son of Adam de Vere.

Volume III

[Summary] Confirmation by Robert, son of Erneis, to the canons of Bridlington of the church of Goxhill (co. Linc.), which Ralph his brother gave. 1154-1168.

 Charter R. 5 Edward II m. 7.

… Hiis testibus, … Radulfo de Sproteley [this isn't the brother] …

 [Footnotes, continuing from p.60]

The heir of Robert son of Erneis was his son Adam, who was sometimes called "de Goushill" and sometimes called "de Sprotley." He married Gundreda, daughter and heir of Guy de Vere. … Walter, son and heir of Adam, took his mother's name of Vere.

[Walter had son Simon, who held land in Sproatley in 1287]

1342. Notification by Henry de Gousla of his gift to Robert de Sprotlay of 2 bovates in Goxhill (co. Linc.) for 4s. rent, of which Robert shall be quit for 7 (or 8) years from Easter in the 17th year of Stephen (1152) ; if the grantor return not after those 7 years from Jerusalem, whither he is about to set forth, Robert shall then render 2s. yearly to the hospital of Goxhill and 2s. to the canons of Bridlington. 1152.
 Chartul. of Bridlington, f. 265d.

1368. [re land at Ottringham] [Date? - check]

Hiis testibus, … R[oberto] de Sprotelay …

East Riding Antiquarian Society Transactions [Beverley Record Office]

[Checked Volumes I - XXVI]

Volume VI, 1898
 A Fifteenth-Century Fabric Roll of Beverley Minster

… being of the twenty-fourth to twenty-fifth year of Henry VI., i.e. A.D. 1445-6.


The earlier Roll here presented consists of four such parts, being the accounts of as many officers, sewn together. The first is that of the Bailiff of Bentley, a manor belonging to the Fabric Fund. It measures 37 inches long, written back and front, as are the others. The next is that of Simon Sprotley, clerk, collector of the rents of the Fabric in Beverley. It is 30½ inches long. The third is the account of Thomas Sprotley, the real Master of the Works, and is 40 inches long. The fourth is the account of John Colton, bailiff and collector of the profits of the Chapter courts, and measures 20 inches long. The width of all the documents is the same, viz. 11½ inches.


The Fabric lands in Beverley form the subject of the second account included in the Roll, the rents being collected by Simon Sprotley, or Sproatley. The gross rental was £76 10s. 3d., but here too, while some rents had increased, there had been a fall, set out in detail, amounting to £17 odd. The net income paid over to Thomas Sprotley, the Receiver General and Surveyor of the Fabric, was £43 19s. 11d. …

The account of this Thomas Sprotley, the Receiver of the Cash of the Chapter, and Surveyor and Warden of the Works of the Fabric, is the third. Besides what he was received from the Manor and from Simon Sprotley he had his own sources of income. The tithes of a field called Frythyng (in the later Roll Farthing flat) in Etton, £2. The largest item is £10 a year, the sum paid by the Rector of South Dalton, who farmed the collection of contributions for the Fabric-fund, at a payment of £10 a year as concerned the Province of York, and, as appears by the later Roll, the great Midland diocese of Lincoln. This is an incidental piece of evidence of some importance as bearing on the extensive amount of voluntary subscriptions which went on during the Middle Ages. …

The other sources of income were licences for burial in the Minster, this year £4 13s. 4d. ; profits on grave-digging in the Minster yard, £1 0s. 6d. ; gifts and legacies, 13s. 4d. ; but by far the most productive item was that of the offerings in the Red Chest at Our Lady's altar, and the pennies offered at S. John's shrine on Rogation days. These, without accounting for bits of lead, iron, and tin which some Ananiases made to do duty for silver, reached a surprising total of £30 16s. 1d. …

The total handled by the Master of the Works was £126 17s. 3Ύd., showing a total income, deducting balance from year before, of £103 odd. But of this three Chantry priests, divers obits, the organists salary (13s. 4d.), (he was a chantry priest or vicar choral as well), the clock-keeper's salary (£1), and certain payments for lamps and wax cost £21 11s. 9d.

The actual money spent on the Fabric was £63 13s. 3d., but unfortunately this includes the cost of buildings and repairs on houses belonging to the Fabric-fund, as well as the Fabric of the church [i.e. the Minster] itself.


Accounts of sundry officers of the fabric of the Church of the Blessed John of Beverley ending at the feast of S. Michael the Archangel in the twenty-fifth year of the reign of King Henry, the sixth after the conquest of England


Account of William Humberston, bailiff and collector of the rents and farms and profits of woods of the Chapter of the Blessed John of Beverley in Bentley, from the feast of S. Michael the Archangel in the 24th year of the reign of King Henry VI to the same feast in the 25th year of the same King, for a whole year.

 Sale of faggots with wood, and agistment.

Price of 58 ash trees growing and felled within the site of the manor and so sold to Thomas Sprotley, Receiver for the Fabric of the church in Bentley

 4 0s. 0d.

Price of 8937 faggots made of wood and underwood felled in a wood there called Ryg, 9490 in the west part, and within the site of the manor there, 502 ; so sold to divers persons, by oath of this accountant, and as is witnessed by Thomas Sprotley ; price per 100, 4s. ; besides 1015 in tithe given to the Rector of Rowley, and 40 spent at the repair of hedges, below

 17 17s. 3d.
 Foreign Receipts

Received of Thomas Sprotley, clerk, the Chapter's Receiver there, for the salary of chaplains, as below, this year paid, as in his account under heading of 'Payment of cash,' besides £20 in money

 9 19s. 8d.

And for 100 faggots, paid to the same Thomas for the same chaplains and allowed below

 3s. 1d.
p. 71Fall of Rents

The same accounts for fall of rents and farms of divers lands and tenements in Bentley, because they are let for less than above charged, as in preceding accounts ; viz., …


And all this, attested by Thomas Sprotley and others at the accounts ; for which there is charged too much under the heading 'Rents and Farms'

 £1 9s. 4d.

And in fall of rent of 11 shops above in the town of Beverley charged at £7 7s. 4d., as some of them remain in the hands of the Chapter and some are let at less, by the oath of the accountant and witness of Thomas Sprotley, nothing being levied therefrom beyond £4 0s. 2d., and so charged too much

 3 7s. 2d.
p. 75Salaries of Chaplains and Obit.

And in money paid to divers ministers of the collegiate church aforesaid for the obit of the most illustrious King of England Edward III. (10s. 7d.), Philippa (16s.), and Isabella (7s. 3d.), Queens of England, Master Robert Beverley (12s. 10d.), Sir John Bentley (12s. 6d.), and Sir Richard Ravenser (12s. 3d.) ; as appears by the particulars proved at this account, as appears in the particular heads above, and by the witness of Sir Thomas Sprotley

 3 11s. 5d.
 Payment of Cash [The Latin is Liberatio denariorum Sprotley]

Payment to Thomas Sprotley, clerk, receiver of the cash of the Collegiate Church of Beverley this year, in the price of 58 ashes as above, sold for the works of the fabric of the said church

 4 0s. 0d.

And part carriage of the same to Beverley

 5s. 0d.

For which the said Thomas will answer.

Total £4 5s. 0d.
p. 87Beyond the above

And there remains in the hands of Thomas Sprotley from the salary of Thomas Halytreholme, payable to the fabric or to the said Thomas

 £2 0s. 0d.

Account of Simon Sprotley, collector of the rents and farms of the Fabric of the Church of the Blessed John there, viz. from Michaelmas 24 Henry VI. to Michaelmas 25 Henry VI., for a whole year, by Thomas Sprotley, clerk, his deputy.

… [several pages] …
 Default and fall of Rent

Nothing being raised therefrom, by the oath of the accountant and the evidence of Thomas Sprotley.

 Payment of Cash

Cash to Sir Thomas Sprotley, receiver and supervisor of the works of the Fabric of the Church this year, as well for the balance as from his office, as the same receiver witnesseth on this account, of which has been received

 43 19s. 11d.

And paid to the Provost of the Collegiate Church for rent resolute alleged in the accounts of 10 years past, in part of 5s. 6d. a year, besides 4s. 6d. yearly allowed, in that there is no allowance of payment by the preceding accounts quousque, etc., of which in the time of this accountant 6s., of Thomas Sprotley 2s., and William Playn 2s.

 10s. 0d.

Volume VII, 1899
 A Fifteenth-Century Fabric Roll of Beverley Minster (continued from Volume VI)

Account of Thomas Sprotley, clerk, Receiver of the moneys of the Chapter of the Collegiate Church of S. John of Beverley and Supervisor and Keeper of the works of the Fabric of the same church, viz.,

Of all receipts, assessments, expenses and costs received and paid by him about the work of the Fabric of the church aforesaid, from Michaelmas 24 Henry VI. to Michaelmas 25 Henry VI., for a whole year.

 Receipt of money from divers officers.

Received of Simon Sprotley, collector of the rents and farms of the fabric of the church aforesaid in Beverley, this year, as appears in the account of the same Simon under the heading of 'Payment of money' there.

Nothing here, because it is below.

 Foreign Receipt.

Received of Simon Sprotley, collector of the rents and farms in Beverley this year, as in his account, under the heading 'Payment of Cash' there

 43 19s. 11d.

Account of John Colton, bailiff and collector of the rents and farms and profits of the Church of the Chapter of the Collegiate Church of the Blessed John of Beverley from Michaelmas 23 to Michaelmas 25 Henry VI., for two whole years.

 Steward's Fees

Fee of Thomas Wylton, steward of the Chapter Court there, as is allowed in the preceding accounts, for the time of this account, a year 20s., for the first year in the time of the account, as by witness of Thomas Sprotley and others, and as the steward himself on the account testifies personally, for the second year nothing because nothing received

 1 0s. 0d.

Volume XXV
 Place-names of the East-Riding of Yorkshire

Sproatley. This name means the ley or pasture (A.S. leg, leag) belonging to Sprot, a personal name which appears in the Yorks. D.B. It is locally called Sproat'-la.

 1086 -- D.B. Sprotelai, Sprotele.
 1114 -- Brid. Ch. Sprotteley, Sprotelei, Sprotele, Sprotleya.
 1284 -- Kir. Inq. Sprotele.
 1389 -- Inquisition. Sprotle.
 1315 -- N.V. Spretlegh, Sprotele, Sprotle.
 1445 -- In the Beverley Fabric Rolls occurs the name, Thos. Sprotley
 1650 -- P.S. Sproutley.

The Surtees Society [Bodleian Library, Beverley Record Office, York Minster]

4 : Testamenta Eboracensia Volume I
p.40Testamentum Domini Willielmi de Fauconbergh de Catefoss Capellani [He joined the church after he was widowed]

… Die veneris in festo Sancti Wifredi episcopi, anno Domini MCCCXLVII. …

Item lego Domino Johanni de Sprotle capellano meo vjs. viijd. simul cum uno portifero, calice, quinque marcis, et unβ robβ cum capuciis de panno mixto, ad celebrandum pro animβ meβ duos annos, sicut mos est pro defunctis celebrare …

[Prob. x April MCCCXLVIII.]

30 : Testamenta Eboracensia Volume II

… Johannis Petyclerk.* …

Footnotes :

*Citizen and vintner of York. By his will, dated 17 May, and proved 21 July, 1426, he leaves to Simon Sprotley a goblet of silver gilt … [other bequests]


Footnotes :

Sir John Constable, of Halsham, the son and heir of the testator, made his will nuncupatively on the 20th of December, 1472, which was proved 18th March, 1477. … To the will is appended a long settlement, in English, which was written at Burton Constable May 20, 1469. It refers to lands in West Halsham, Dodington, Corneryngton, Rihill, in Holdernes, and Mawneby and Thirnetoft, in Richmondshire. The feoffees are Richard Fitzhugh, son and heir to Henry Lord Fitzhugh, Robert Graistok, son and heir to Rawfe Lord of Graistok, Majori Melton, William Skipwith knyght, Robert Rither knyght, John Melton esquyer, William Sprotlay, parson of the kirke of Sprotlay, John Dalkyn and Robert Ingram, of Otryngham.

p.158-9Testamentun Domini Johannis Constable Militis Nuper de Holdernes.

… Vicesimo tercio die mensis Novembris, Anno Domini Millesimo CCCC. quadragesimo nono. …

Hiis testibus, domino Willelmo Sprotely rectore de Sproteley, Thoma Dysney, Thoma Constable juniore, Briano Constable, Johanne Boswell domicellis, Thoma Halton et aliis. [Prob. 17 Jan. 1451.]

35 : The Fabric Rolls of York Minster

Nov. 8, 1444. Comm. to Mr. Robt. Beverlay, Mr. Robt. Warde, and Mr. Thos. Sprotley, can. of Beverley, to discover a suitable place to erect a new church upon at Wythornse. …

45 : Testamenta Eboracensia Vol III
p.242The Will of Robert Twyer of Gaunstead

July 8. 1478. Robertus Twyer, de Gannestede in Holdernes …

Residuum executoribus meis ; quos constituo Clementiam uxorem meam prζdilectam, dominum Ricardum Sprotelay*, magistrum Sancti Sepulcri juxta Hedon, et Ric. Doughty de Hull.

[Pr. 20 Oct. 1479, adm. to relict.]

Footnotes :

On the last day but one of February 1468-9, Johanna de Twyer made a nuncupative will, desiring to be buried in St. Sepulchre's Chapel near Hedon.


Robert Twyer of Gaunstead, esq. made his will at Gaunstead, August 15th, 1490, desiring to be buried in the church of St. Sepulchre beside Hedon, near the tomb of Sir Robert Twyer, knt. his ancestor


* August 30th, 1483, adm. of Richard Sprotley, rector of Thweng, granted to Thomas Catterall of Meaux, gen. (Reg. Test. v. 85b.)


Footnotes : [Re Sir John Constable of Halsham, knt., who made his will on Dec. 20th, 1472.]

Next follows the settlement of his estate, which is in English. Sir John appoints as his feoffees Richard son and heir of Henry lord Fitzhugh, Robert son and heir of Ralph lord Greystock, Mariori Melton, William Skipworth, knt., Robert Ryther, knt., John Melton, esq., William Sproatley rector of Sproatley, John Dalkyn, and Robert Ingram of Ottringham. They are enfeoffed of lands, etc., in West Halsham, Dodington, Camerington, Ryehill, Maunby and Thirntoft in Richmondshire ; and they are desired to make an estate of 10 marks per ann. for life to Ralph, the testator's son, out of Dodington. … [and more similar bequests]

94 : Yorkshire Fines, John

CCCC XLVIA. Apud Sanctam Brigidam, London', coram ipso domino Rege etc. [no day given] (1210-11), Inter Saerum de Sutton', pet., et Walterum de Ver, ten., de undecim bov. terrζ et dim. cum pert. in Sprottel'. Unde placitum fuit etc. scil. quod predictus Saerus recognovit totam predictum terram cum pert. esse jus ipsius Walteri, et illam remisit etc. de se et her. suis predicto Waltero et her. suis imperp. Et pro hac recognitione etc., predictus Walterus dedit et concessit predicto Saero unam car. terrζ de alia terra ; scil. dim. car. terrζ cum pert. in Sprottel' in Com. Ebor. ; scil. … [other pieces of land] … et unam bov. terrζ quam Alexander le Frere tenuit, cum tofto quod Matillis de Sprottel' tenuit. … [other lands in Gousel in Lincolnshire]

H. et T. eidem Saero et her. suis de ipso Waltero et her. suis imperp., faciendo inde forinsecum sevitium quantam pertinet ad unam car. terrζ, unde xlviijto car. terrζ faciunt servitium unius militis, pro omni servitio. Excepta piscatione vivarii de Sprottel' et de With'ker et de North'ker, et excepto toto bosco de Sprottel', quζ remanent eidem Waltero et her. suis tenenda de ipso Saero et her. suis imperp. Et idem Walterus et heredes sui warantizabunt eidem Saero et her. suis totam predictam terram cum pert. contra omnes homines imperp. Ebor. Linc. (Divers Counties. No. 59).

98 : Beverley Chapter Act Book I
p.355Publicatio provocationis et appellationis. Avenel.
19 April 1318 

[About Dennis Avenel who was admitted to prebend of B. Mary in Beverley, but its possession is threatened by Mr. Andrew of Bridgenorth, so he appeals to Rome for protection, and eventually gives notice to the Archbishop.]

Prζsentibus, coram Domino Auditore, testibus infrascriptis ; Dominis Willelmo le Blund, Rogero de Sutton, capellanis ; Hugone Sprotley, Roberto de Wilghley, et Willelmo Sutton, clericis ; et aliis. Quas provocationem et appellationem legit tunc Dominus Robertus de Sighilstorn, procurator dicti Magistri Dyonisii.

108 : Beverley Chapter Act Book II

1380/1 23 March [Appeal by the Chapter's proctor, William English … goes on for pages about terrible things that he did]

Et insuper gravamina gravaminibus accumulans, Dominos Willelmum de Blegthon et Johannem de Sprotteley, capellanos, jurisdictioni dicti Capituli immediate subditos et subjectos post et contra appellationes eorundem ab ipso ad sedem Apostolicam et dominum nostrum Papam primitus interjectas et sibi debite notificatas, excommunicatos fuisse et esse cum communicantibus, magis hor[r]ibiliter communicationemque fidelium eis inbibendo denunciari mandavit et fecit.

[and adding injury to injury, horribly excommunicated Sir William of Blythom and John of Sprotley, chaplain, immediate subjects of the chapter ;]

p.231Relatio facta de citatione contra absentes.

26 March 1381 [The crier calls on those cited to appear … [names], of [names of churches] … ; and their respective vicars ; …[John is one of the vicars]]

Quibus sicut premittitur peractis idem reverendus pater in loco suo pro tribunali sedens fecit predictos citatos per suum nuncium preconizari, videlicet, …

… Ricardum de Chesterfeld prebendarium prebende Sancti Petri …

… Johannem de Sprottley, vicarium Domini Ricardi Chesterfeld

p.235Prestatio obedientie aliquorum de ecclesia.

30 March 1381 [Four chantry priests appeared and returned to their obedience. They and their pretended vicars pronounced contrumacious. The vicars to appear on 5 April to show cause why they should not be excommunicated]

… Et statim reverendus pater predictos canonicos pretensos citatos, necnon … Johannem de Sprotley … dicte ecclesie vicaros, ad comparendum coram eo in visitatione sua isto die personaliter monitos ad ostendendum litteras ordinum suorum et titulos incumbentie sue per nuncium suum juratum mandavit preconizari.

 Confessio Vicariorum quod Canonici fecerunt jurare de non obediendo Archiepiscopo.

[The vicars in the chapter house, asked to swear obedience, drew aside and consulted, and said that they could not, as they had already sworn it to the chapter, who had warned them not to swear to any one else and had made them swear not to do it on the holy gospels, and then the vicars went away. Adjourned to 5 April.]

 Relatio nuncii quod citavit Vicarios personaliter ad dicendum causam quare non debent excommunicari.

5 April (1381) [Apparitor says he has summoned the vicars [Johannem Sprotley amongst them (same names as before)], but they had gone away and left the church unserved. At request of the two canons he waited till 6 April and ordered them to be summoned in their stalls and in their old dining house]

 Relatio nuncii quod Vicarii recesserunt in opprobrium domini. Item excommunicatio Vicariorum.

6 April. [Apparitor says he could not find the vicars and heard that they had left the diocese and started for London to bring opprobrium on the reverend father by leaving the church unserved. They are therefore excommunicated. [Johannem Sprotteley again.]]

 Tenor denunciationis talis est.

[Direction to John of Scarborough to proclaim the excommunication of the vicars in Beverley Church during service. [Johannes Sprottley again.]]

p.241[The vicars are warned to return by 22 April]
 Breve regium
 The King's writ to the Archbishop.

[A complaint has been made by the Canons and Vicars of Beverley that King Athelstan our ancestor had richly endowed Beverley, but now disputes have arisen between you and the canons, several of whom are our own clerks, diligently busied in our service, you with a large force of secular power grievously oppress them and disregard their appeal to Rome, summoning and excommunicating them, and contemplate further severer measures. As our church is of our foundation, an appeal to Rome would be difficult and take more money out of the kingdom. We command you to appear before us in the octave of S. George's day next at Westminster that we may hear and settle the case, staying all proceedings meanwhile.]

[goes on - but not sure what happens to the vicars]

127 : Miscellanea II
 Visitation documents

15. Premunio ecclesie collegiate Beuerlacensis.

[Certificate of the chapter of Beverley (10 June, 1442), of the receipt and execution of notice of visitation on 15 June, 1442, by William Felter (16 May, 1442).]

p.273Nomina officiariorum. [The officers of the church.]

… Dominus Thomas Sprotley, cancellarius, comparuit personaliter, prestitit obedienciam et exhibuit sufficienter.

128 : Archbishop John le Romeyn's Register II

14 April 1299, Wylton

… Willelmo, rectori ecclesie de Sprotley. …


1299 … magistro Willelmo, rectori de Sprotley …

148 : Chronicles of St. Mary's York

[ANNO DOMINI MO CCO LXXVO], scilicet xj Kal. Aprilis, transiit iudicium pro Capitulo beati Petri et Abbatia sancte Marie Eboracensis contra Ciues eiusdem Ciuitatis de libertatibus et querelis prius multo tempore motis et placitatis coram Justicariis de perquisito, Roberto de Newil, [names] … , facta prius diligente inquisicione et examinacione per magnam assisam ex. xxiiij Militibus cum seruientibus dominis feodi, quorum nomina sunt hec : … Galfridus de Sportelay … ; qui etiam iterum sunt moniti vj Kal. Octobris ad veredictum eorum emendandum apud Scartheburg', Anno et cetera Octogesimo, coram Rege in suo consilio, in nullis contra premissum iudicium variauerunt causam iurati super sacrosanctis

152 : Archbishop Greenfield's Register IV

1832. [c. June 30, 1310] Littera ad commutandum votum jejunii domine Agnetis de Chewourt'. Reverendo in Christo patri, domino W., Dei gracia etc., devotus filius, Rogerus de Sprotteley, vivorum religiosorum, magistri et fratrum hospitalis sancti Johannis Jerosolomitani, confrater et procurator in archidiaconatu Notinghamie deputatus, obedienciam et reverenciam cum honore debito tanto patri. … [Prayer to the archbishop that dame Agnes Chaworth might commute her vow of fasting for 2s., to be paid to the Hospitallers]


2351A. 2 kal. Aug. (July 31), 1311. "Hakeneye juxta London. Certificacio facta camerario domini pape de pecunis collecta pro passagio Terre Sancte." The archb. to the chamberlain of Clement V, informing him that, in accordance with the Pope's order about indulgences to last for five years, granted at the instance of the master and brethren of the hospital of St. John of Jerusalem for the rescue of the Holy Land, he had caused to be handed over to brother Ralph de Castro and brother Roger de Sprotteleye, proctors of brother William de Tothale, prior of the same hospital in England, and principal proctor of the master and brethren of the hospital of St. John of Jerusalem and brethren of the hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, and specially deputed by him in the diocese of York for collecting money for this purpose, what had been gathered in arks, trunks and chests in York Minster and in collegiate and parish churches during the past three years up to the feast of St. James the apostle (July 25), 1310, the sum of 491li. 11s. 5½d., out of which 228li. 3s. 4½d. had to be deducted for expenses. The sum of 25li. 14s. 8d. had also been received from those who had been allowed to change their vows (of going on the Crusade).

153 : Archbishop Greenfield's Register V

2705. July 12 (1308). Gisburn. The master and brethren of the hospital of St John of Jerusalem for the churches of Oscyngton and Wynkeburn, in which no vicars had been instituted. Robert de Buckeley, proctor substitute of brother Robert de Sprotley, principal proctor of William de Totehale, prior of the said hospital in England. …


2732. Oct. 19, 1308, 7th indication. Cawode. The master and brethren of the hospital of St. John of Jerusalem for the church of Felicekirk. Proctor, brother Roger de Sprotteley. Adjournment to the second law day after the Purification (Feb. 4), 1308-9, at William, proctor Roger de Wartria, substitute of brother Roger de Sprotteley. …

Yorkshire Archaeological Society Record Series [Bodleian Library, Beverley Record Office, York Minster]

II : Yorkshire Fines I
p.131499 - Michaelmas Term, 15 Henry VII.
PlaintiffsDeforciantsName and Situation of the Property
Robert Constable, sergeant at law, Thomas Alderson, chaplain, John Chewe, chaplain, and Richard Sprotley, chaplainLeo Pershay, esq., and Katherine his wifeMessuage with lands in Beu-laco.

VI : Wills in the York Registry 1389-1514
    Vol. Fol.
Mar. 7, 1468. Sprotlay, John, Cotingham, Adm. 4 152
Mar. 28, 1427. Sprotlay, John, Kyngeston sup. Hull, Feb. 9, 1426 2 508
Aug. 30, 1483. Sprotley, Sir Richard, Rect. of Thweyng, Adm. 5 85

XII : Yorkshire Inquisitions Vol I
 LXXXV. John de Nuttle (Nuttel). Inq. p. m.
 [3 Edw. I. No. 18.]
 Writ dated at Westminster, 27 April, 3rd year (1275).

Inquisition made at Humbleton, on Monday after the Invention of the Holy Cross, 3 Edward (6 May, 1275), before Sir Simon Constable, in place of Sir Philip de Wilgeby, Escheator beyond Trent, by Stephen son of John of Hedon, Henry de Preston, Stephen de Oustwike, Simon de Lund, Geoffrey de Sprothele, William de Grimestone, Thomas de Newton, Henry de Wryneton, Roger of the same, Nicholas Warde, Thomas de Humbelton, and Alan le Oyselyur, who say that John de Nuttel held of the Honour of Heudreness in chief, on the day of his death, two carucates of land in the town and territory of Nuttel [Nuthill, 3 miles from Hedon] whereof forty-eight carucates make a knight's fee. They are worth by the year £10, do suit at the Wapentake-court of Heudrenesse from three weeks to three weeks, and by the King's command render free foreign service when it falls due.

He held no other lands in chief, either of the King or any other person ; and Peter, his son, is his next heir, aged twenty-one years and more.

XVI : Lay Subsidy 25 Edwd I

This volume contains the Yorkshire portion of the return of a ninth of all personal property granted to Edward I. in the twenty-fifth year of his reign, 1297. Unfortunately only a small part has survived.

p.123Taxacio noni denarii de Wappentak' de Holdernesse [PRO Ex. Lay Subsidies, Yorkshire E.R. 202/1]
 Hedone [45 entries - most only 10 to 20, so fairly big place]

De Galfrido de Sprotteley, ijs

[Second name on list. Only heads of households listed, not wives etc.]

 Sprotteley [5 entries]

De Simone de Sprotteley, xxd [Second name on list]

XVII : Monastic Notes I
p.9Beverley Minster
23.A.D. 1440.-- License to Thomas Sprotley, chaplain, to give to the Chapter of the Collegiate Church of Blessed John at Beverley, 3 messuages in Beverley, which are extended at 10s. 8d. a year, in aid of the fabric. Thomas paid 40s. for the license. Dated Nov. 12.
 Patent Roll, 19 Hen. VI. Pt. i. m. 24.
p.30Byland Abbey

A.D. 1266.-- The Master of S. Leonard's Hospital, York, v. the Abbat of Rivall, the Abbat of Byland … [several people, including vicars & parsons] … William de Sprotleg … . An action for the non-payment of thraves of corn.

 Curia Regis, No. 176, Mich. 50 Hen. III. m. 15d.

XXIII : Yorkshire Inquisitions II
 CI. Ralph de Wyueton.
 [20 Edw. I. No. 150.]
 Writ dated at Westminster, 2 Dec., 20th year (1291).

Inquisition made before Sir Thomas de Normanville on the eve [of the feast] of the Conversion of St. Paul, 20 Edw. (24 Jan., 1291-2), by Henry de Wyueton, Stephen de Oustwyke, Simon de Sprotle, Peter de Muncwes, William de Camerington, Richard de Grymestone, Michael le Aumener, William Broke, Nicholas Ward of Burton, Nicholas de Thorpe, and Williamd de Furno ; who say on their oath that Ralph de Wyueton holds of the king in Sprotle, at the king's will, a capital messuage which was formerly of Sir Simon de Veer, and is worth by the year 16s. in all issues. He also holds five bovates of land there, and one culture on both sides of the town, extended at one bovate of land. Each bovate is worth yearly 10s. He holds besides a wood, the pasture of which is worth 20s. a year.

XXVII : Yorkshire Schools I
 Beverley Grammar School
 Schoolmaster made a Governor of the Town
1450. 18 April … Symon Sprotlay … [one of 18 names]
 xij. Gubernatores electi
25 April
 In festo Sancti Marci Evangelistζ anno domini millesimo ccccmo quinquagesimo … Symon Sprotlay … Jurati sunt xij Gubernatores sive Custodes commitatis villζ Beverlaci pro anno proximo futuro

XXXI : Yorkshire Inquisitions III
 XXII. Joan widow of Robert de Hildeyerd. Inq. p. m.
 [24 Edw. I No. 23.]
 Writc dated at Saint Albans, 25 Dec., 24th year (1295).

Inquisition made before John de Lythegrains, Escheator, at Hedon on Thursday after the feast of St. Hilary, 24 Edw. (18 Jan., 1295-6), by … Simon de Sprottele … [she held land in Holderness, Beverley, Sutton in Holderness]

 XXX. Stephen de Oustwyke or Hostwyke for John Uhtride. Inq. ad. q. d.
 Another writ directed to the same Sheriff, and dated at York, 20 Oct., 24th year (1296)

Inquisition made at Hedon before the Sheriff on Friday the feast of [All] Souls, 24 Edw. (2 Nov., 1296), by … Simon de Sprotle … [land in Oustwyke, in Holderness]

 XXXVIII. Abbot and Convent of Thornton

Inquisition made at Hedon before Thomas de Weston, Bailiff of Holderness, on Sunday after the feast of All Saints, 24 Edw. (4 Nov., 1296), by … Hugh Gylt de Sprotle, Simon de Sprotle … [lands in Holderness]


Geoffrey de Sprotle/Sprottele should be on this page, but isn't

 LXXXIII. John de Danthorpe.

Danthorp. Extent made before Mr. Richard de Haveryngg on Saturday after the Translation of St. Thomas, 28 Edw. (9 July, 1300), by the King's writ, of the manor of Danthorp, which belongs to John de Danthorp, an idiot, son and heir of Sr John de Danthorp, deceased, by … Simon de Sprottele … [stuff at Danthorp]

 CIII. Peter de Nuttle alias Nuttele

Inquisition on the lands and tenements of Peter de Nuttele, made at Nuttele on Friday, the morrow of the Ascension, 29 Edw. (12 May, 1301), by … Simon de Sprotle … [land at Nuttele]

XXXVII : Yorkshire Inquisitions IV
 LXXVIII. William Gumbaude or Gobaude

Inquisition of the lands and tenements at Thorngumbaud which belonged to William Gumbaud, deceased, made at Hedon, on 22 Sept., 33rd year (1305) by the oath of … Simon de Sprotle … [land at Thorne, Holderness, Otringham]

 CX. William de Ros of Hamelake for the Abbot and Convent of Thornton on Humber

Inquisition made at Arnehale, on Thursday before Whit Sunday, 34th year (19 May, 1306), by … Simon de Sprottele … [stuff at Hamelake]

 CXXVI. The King. Bailiwick of the warren of Ravensere.

Inquisition taken at Otringham, on Thursday after the Epiphany, 35th year (12 Jan., 1306-7), before the King's bailiff of Holdernesse, by … Simon de Sprottele … [land at Esington, Kilnese]

XLII : Yorkshire Fines 1327-1347
p.16Feet of Fines for Yorkshire

59. York. Octave of Trinity, 2 Edw. III, 1328.

William le Vavasour and Avice his wife, quer., Robert de Sprotle, clerk, def., of one messuage and 24 acres and 1½ bovates of land in Thorn near Paghel [Thorngumbald, in Holderness] : To hold to William and Avice and the heirs of their bodies ; remainder to the right heirs of William.

LII : Yorkshire Fines 1347-1377
p.31Feet of Fines for Yorkshire
8. Westminster. Quindene of Michaelmas, 23 Edw. III, 1349.
Quindene of Michaelmas, 25 Edw. III, 1351.

John son of Hugh Sturmy, Peter de Goushill, John del Flete of Bubwyth, John de Beverley and Joachim de Bello Monte, by William de Swale, their attorney, quer., Thomas Vescy and Juliana his wife, def., of the manor of Waxham, and of 1 messuage, 3 tofts, and 12 bovates of land in Preston-in-Holdernesse : To hold to John son of Hugh, Peter, John del Flete, John de Beverley and Joachim and the heirs of John del Flete (together with 20s. rent in the same manor, and the homage and service of John de Sprottele, Juliana daughter of John son of Benedict, John Chauncy, Margery de Roos, Stephen Norreys and Nicholas de Cayngham and their heirs). Warranty by Thomas and Juliana for themselves and the heirs of Juliana. John, Peter, John, John, and Joachim gave 200 marks.

LIX : Yorkshire Inquisitions Hen. IV-V
 CXXXIX. Katherine, who was wife of Michael de la Pole, late Earl of Suffolk.
 (Inquisitions post mortem, Chancery, Hen. V, file 40.)
 Writ to the Escheator, dated at Westminster, 27 April, 7 Hen. V [1419].

Inquisition taken at Sculcoates, 1 July, 7 Hen. V [1419], before William Chanceller, Escheator, by the oath of … , William Sprotley, … . Katherine, who was wife of Michael de la Pole, late Earl of Suffolk, held in her demesne as of fee tail to herself and the heirs of her bodies of herself and the said Michael, a yearly annuity of £50 out of the fee farm of the town of Kyngeston on Hull … [also held other places near Kyngeston on Hull]

XCIV : Miscellanea IV

The prebendary of Driffield is rector of the church, and receives fruits of the sheaves and tithe hay from the vills of Driffield Magna and Parva, Elmeswell and Kellingthorp'. He has his manor house in Parva Driffield with a carucate in the fields of Magna Driffield, and he receives thence the tithes of wool and lambs. He has there tenants who hold of him in the annual rents undermentioned, and suit of court. Their names are these :

… Robert de Sproteley, 2s. and two hens. …

All these owe suit of court and relief for their lands.

[Probably c.1295]

C : Yorkshire Sessions of the Peace
p.36[Assize Roll 1143]
Libertas de Holdernesse*xij iurati libertatis de Holdernesse, scilicet Thomas de Lelle Edmundus de Wasteneys Iohannes Hauteyn de Coldon' Iohannes de Paule Iohannes de Goushill' Iohannes de Sprotlee Hugo Gilt' Willelmus de Frothyngham Radulfus de Beuerle Thomas de Thornton' Iohannes in le Croft et Hugo Barn' presentant quod Thomas [exigend] filius Agneti de Aldburgh' felonice interfecit Aliciam filiam Willelmi filii Rogeri de Aldburgh' apud Aldburgh' die Dominica proxima post festum Sancti Luce Ewangeliste anno regni Regis felonia nunc sexto.

* [Footnote] At the Hedon session of Monday, 26 July 1361 ; A, p.12.

CXI : Yorkshire Deeds IX

43. June 28, 1400. To all the faithful in Christ, … [9 names] John Spretley… , vicars choral of the church of the Blessed John of Beverley send greeting. Be it known that Master Simon de Euesham, late archdeacon of Richmond, granted to our predecessors, to us and our successors, vicars choral of Beverely, a yearly rent of 5s. from his tenement …


44. Aug. 25. 1402. Grant by the chapter of the collegiate church of Blessed John of Beverley to William Santon, chaplain of the chantry of St. Anne, founded in that church … Witnesses : Richard Chestirfield, president, … John Sprotley, John de Bridlyngton, John de Boynton, vicars. In the chapter house at Beverley.


48. Sept. 12, 1430, 9 Henry VI. Appointment by Henry Brounflete, knt., Walter Gude, Thomas Sprotley and Richard Yotyn, chaplains, of John de Portyngton and Edmund Portyngton, esqs., as their attorneys to deliver seisen to John de Portyngton. … [estate stuff] in the vills of Beverley and Speton and elsewhere in co. York … . At Beverley.

CXXI : Yorkshire Fines 1272-1300
p.9Records of the Court of Common Pleas : Feet of Fines … All fines are at Westminster unless otherwise stated.

44. (1276) Morrow of Mart. 4 Edw. I. … Between the King, quer., and Ada who was wife of Simon de Veer, deforc., of 10l-worth of land in Sprotele. … Dorse :- Et [some people] … Et Galfr[idu]s de Sportele apponit clamium suum. Et [other people 'apponit clamium suum'-ing]

CXXIX : Fasti Parochiales Vol III
 Thwing All Saints
 Rectors of Moiety 'B'
18 May
Richard Sprotley* pres[ented]. by pr[ior]. and c[onvent]. Bridlington (Reg. Greenfield iii p.150), on res[ignation]. of John Appilby (Reg. Kempe f.417). 20 Sep. 1461 (Sproatley) lic[ence]. abs[ence]. 1 yr (Reg. W. Booth f.409). 1 Oct. 1467 lic[ence]. non-res[idence]. 1 yr (Reg. G. Neville i f.96). 30 Apr. 1470 (Sproteley), with others, makes a grant (E.R.A.S. Trans. xxi 39).
9 Aug.
William Somerby, chapl[ain]., pres[ented]. by the same, on d[eath]. of Richard Sprotley (Reg. Rotherham i f.38d).

* [Footnote] Administration 30 Aug. 1483 (Reg. Test. v.85, cf. Test. Ebor. iii 242n.)

CXLI : Selected Rentals and Accounts of Medieval Hull 1293-1528
p.100Chamberlains' Account Roll, 1464-65
repairs to the
town walls
this year
And paid by the said men in their account for repairing the town wall against the Humber, that is, … [payments to people - eg. masons, lime & sand, labourers, dykers, pump - but not all names have occupations listed] … And paid to William Foster and Richard Sprotlay employed there for four days, each at 4d per day, total 2s 10d … [payments] …

CXLVIII : Charters of the Vicars Choral of York Minster

536. Grant, in the form of a cirograph, by Margaret widow of Simon de Lund to her son John de Lund of a rent charge of 10s. from a house which the nuns of Sevyn [written as "Swyn" in another charter] hold of her, and of a rent charge of 10s. from the slaughter-yard from houses which Robert le Fysch and Gilbert Pheyer used to hold ; paying Margaret and her heires a clove at Christmas. Warranty. Seal.

Witnesses : Alexander de Cave, John de Sutton, knights, John de Nuttal, Simon de Sprottele, Roger Dole, and others.

Pristan'. 15 Kalends May 1325 [17 April].

Source : VC 1/1, pp.74-5 (ink pagination).

CXLIX : Beverley Minster Fasti
 THE OFFICERS [1100's to 1550's]

The Valor (1535) valued the chancellorship at £13 16s. 0d. clear. This represented a cash sum from the provost of £10 6s. 8d., and another of £3 9s. 4d. in lieu of 52 quarters of corn.

The chantry certificate records a gross income of £14 10s. 0d., outgoings of £1 7s. 7Ύd. leaving a clear value of £13 2s. 4Όd.

p.121The Chancellors
By 1442 - ?

THOMAS SPRATLEY (SPROTLEY). Chancellor by 10 June 1442 (Miscellanea, ii, p.274), still 1443 (BL Lansdowne MS 366).

Probably the same as Thomas Sprotley, chaplain of St Anne's Chantry in Minster in 1419 (North Country Wills, ii, p.20). Chapter's receiver and master of works (i.e. fabric) in 1445-6 (ERAS, vi, pp.57, 64, 68, 98). Died c.1458 (Reg. W. Booth, f.44).

Master of St Nicholas's Hospital, Beverley, 1427-58 (VCH, Yorkshire, iii, p.302).

p.127The Vicarages

The emoluments of the nine vicarages consisted almost entirely in victuals served daily in the refectory. These constituted a vicar's corrody in the Bedern [the communal centre of the lesser clergy] valued by Archbishop Arundel in 1391 at £8 0s. 0d. - a sum which remained the recognised income of each vicar up to the Dissolution.

Despite appearances to the contrary in the Valor and the chantry certificate this sustenance was probably never replaced by a money payment, except in times of special constraint. To the last the vicars were expected to reside in the Bedern, and presumably to share a common board, the bursar receiving payment of £72 from the provost in respect of their corrodies. Certainly the findings of an inquisition into the entitlement of the Bedern's butler, which was said to be in most respects the same as that of a vicar, imply that in 1427, at least, all received payment in food and drink.

Throughout the middle ages numerous vicars augmented their corrodies with the fruits of a charity within the parish of Beverley, and all received modest sums from money remaining from corporate income after statutory obligations had been met, and for attendance at certain obits.

p.134The Vicars
By 1381, still 1402

JOHN DE SPROATLEY. V. of St Peter's Altar by 26 March 1381 (BCA, ii, p.231). Deprived 6 April 1381 (ibid., pp.239-40).

Reinstated c.1388 (CPR 1385-89, p.465). Still v. 25 Aug. 1402 (YD, ix, p.20).

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