Mark PRATLEY 1877 - 1939




  • Baptised: 19 Dec 1877, Leafield, Oxfordshire, England
  • Died: 1939, Oxford R.D., England



GRO Birth Index

4Q 1877 PRATLEY Mark Chipping Norton  

Parish Register Baptisms

19/12/1877 Leafield, Oxfordshire, England Mark PRATLEY Alfred Anne Leafield Lab  

1881 UK Census

Eynsham, Oxfordshire, England
Freeland (RG11/1513 049/07)
Alfred PRATLEY Head Mar 30 Shepherd Leafield  
Ann PRATLEY Wife Mar 29   "  
Robert PRATLEY Son   13 Ploughboy "  
Elizabeth PRATLEY Dau   10 Scholar "  
George PRATLEY Son   8 " "  
Richard PRATLEY Son   6 " "  
Mark PRATLEY Son   4 " "  

1891 UK Census

Church Hanborough, Oxfordshire, England
(RG12/1174 047/02)
Ann PRATLEY Head Wid 43 Gloveress Employed Middle Barton  
Robert PRATLEY Son Sin 20 General Labourer " Freeland  
George PRATLEY Son Sin 19 Ag lab " "  
Mark PRATLEY Son Sin 14 " " " "  
Maggie PRATLEY Dau   8 Scholar   "  

Newspaper Articles

Oxford Times
21 Apr 1894 [p.8, col.e]



Before Hon. E. Ponsonby, A.W. Hall, Esq., Mr. E. Hiorns, Mr. G.G. Banbury, and the Mayor (Ald. J. Banbury).

Profane Language.- Edward Smith and Mark Pratley, Church Handborough, were respectively charged under the County Council bye-law for using profane and insulting language on the highway.- The defendants were fined 5s. and 7s., costs, and were cautioned as to their future conduct.


Newspaper Articles

Witney Gazette
07 Jan 1899 [p.5, col.a]




Before the Rev. R. Lowbridge Baker, C.D. Batt, and G.H. Dawkins, Esqs.

a fight in the street.

Mark Pratley and William Ayres, labourers, of Eynsham, were summoned for committing a breach of the peace by fighting in the public street at Eynsham, on the 17th of December.

Ayres did not appear.

P.C. Burroughts proved service of summons on Ayres, and deposed: At 11-15 on the 17th of December, I was on duty in Market Place, Eynsham, and heard a row in Acre End Street. On going there I saw the defendants fighting. I separated them, blood was running from Ayres' nose, and there were about 40 persons around. Both defendants were sober.

Pratley was bound over to keep the peace for six months, and was fined 5s. Ayres in addition to being bound over was fined 7s. 6d.


Newspaper Articles

Witney Gazette
27 Oct 1900 [p.8, col.d]

the judge a judge of dogs.

"judging" dogs.

Arthur Augustus Brooks, of Eynsham, farm bailiff, V. Henry Webb, of Abbey Farm, Eynsham. This was a claim of 5 damages for shooting a dog.

Mark Pratley, of Witney-road, Eynsham, labourer v. Henry Webb, of Eynsham. This was a claim of 4 damages for shooting a dog.

Both cases were taken together. 1 was paid into Court in each case.

Mr. Fisher appeared for the plaintiffs, and Mr. Rigden for the defendant.

Mark Pratley, the plaintiff in the second case, stated that his dog, which defendant had shot, was a pure bred fox terrier. It was a good house and yard dog. He valued the dog at 4.

By Mr. Rigden: He had sold a dog by the same mother for 2s. 6d. as a puppy.

Plaintiff called.

John Basson, of Eynsham, who described himself as " a bit of a dog fancier", and stated that he considered Pratley's dog the best fox terrier in Eynsham. He thought 4 was a reasonable price for the dog.

The Judge to Pratley: How came the dog to escape docking?

Pratley: Because I did not want it done.

The Judge: You are quite right, the dog would not have been so good for rabbits if he had lost his rudder (laughter).

Arthur Blake stated that he knew both the dogs. He did not consider the sheep dog to be worth more than 10s. Pratley's was a cross-bred dog, with a big tail.

A photograph of Pratley's dog was handed to His Honour, who declared that the dog was a cross-bred dog, and had a bit of "bull" about him.

His Honour gave a verdict for Brooks for 3 in addition to the 1 paid into Court in the first case, and a verdict for Pratley for 10s. in addition to the amount paid into Court in the second case.

This was all the business before the Court.


1901 UK Census

Eynsham, Oxfordshire, England
Star Cottages (RG13/1393 008/07)
Ann PRATLEY Head Wid 48 Laundress Worker at Home Oxon Leafield  
Robert PRATLEY Son Sin 29 General Cabman Worker Do Do  
Mark PRATLEY Son Sin 20 General Labourer Worker Do Do  
Margaret PRATLEY Dau Sin 19 Learn Works Worker Do Do  
Ann LAY GDau   7     Oxon Long Hanborough  

GRO Marriage Index

3Q 1901 PRATLEY Mark Witney   blank

Parish Register Marriages

31/08/1901Eynsham, Oxfordshire, England
  Mark PRATLEY   21 b Labourer Eynsham Alfred P. Labourer
  Beatrice Emma OVENALL   21 sp   Eynsham Thomas O. Labourer
 Witnesses: Albert Edward Davies, Margaret Mary Pratley

1911 UK Census Index

Witney R.D., England
HOUSEHOLD (RG14PN08203 RG78PN418 RD156 SD1 ED1 SN297)

GRO Death Index

4Q 1939 PRATLEY Mark Oxford 60