Richard PRATLEY 1823 - 1900




  • Baptised: 02 Feb 1823, Leafield, Oxfordshire, England
  • Died: 30 Apr 1900, Stow on the Wold, Gloucestershire, England
  • Buried: 03 May 1900, Ramsden, Oxfordshire, England



Parish Register Baptisms

02/02/1823 Leafield, Oxfordshire, England Richard PRATLEY Richard Lucy Leafield Lab  

1841 UK Census

Leafield, Oxfordshire, England
(HO107/879/13 06/05)
[Next door to next household]
Richard PRATLEY 55   Ag Lab y
Lucy PRATLEY   55   y
Richard PRATLEY 15   Ag Lab y
Benjamin PRATLEY 13     y

GRO Marriage Index

4Q 1843 PRATTEY Richard Chipping Norton   blank

Parish Register Marriages

08/11/1843Shipton-under-Wychwood, Oxfordshire, England
  Richard PRATLEY   FA b Lab Leafield Richard P. Lab
  Kezia SCARROTT   FA sp   Ramsden John S. Crockery ware dealer
 Witnesses: Lot Shaylor, Zilpah Pratley

1851 UK Census

Lewknor, Oxfordshire, England
Postcomb (HO107/1726 125/23)
Head: Henry BOWERS, Publican
Richard PRATLEY Ldgr Mar 30 Hawker of Earthenware Leafield  
Kesia PRATLEY Ldgr Mar 30 " Ramsden  
Emily PRATLEY Ldgr   7   Leafield  
Alfred PRATLEY Ldgr   5   "  
Richard PRATLEY Ldgr   1   "  

Newspaper Articles

Jackson's Oxfordshire Journal
26 Nov 1859 [p.8, col.e]



Present - W.Strickland and W.E. Taunton, Esqrs., and the Rev. D. Adams.

Richard Pratley, of Ramsden, was apprehended by Sergt. Yeates, of the Chipping-Norton division, charged with stealing a whip, on the 26th of August last, from a carrier's cart at Witney, the property of Joseph Walker, carrier. The prosecutor, however, could not positively identify the whip, and the case was dismissed.


Newspaper Articles

Jackson's Oxfordshire Journal
04 Feb 1860 [p.8, col.d]



Present, W. Strickland, L. Pickering, and W.E. Taunton, Esqrs.

Richard Pratley, hawker, of Ramsden, was charged with using a gun for the purpose of killing game, on land in the occupation of Mr. Joseph Roberts, of Caswell Farm[this is in Curbridge], in company with William Pool; he was fined 3l., and 14s. 6d. costs; paid.


1861 UK Census

Ramsden, Oxfordshire, England
(RG9/0907 030/15)
Richard PRATLEY Head Mar 37 Hawker of Pots Leafield  
Keziah PRATLEY Wife Mar 39 " ‘s wife Ramsden  
Emeli PRATLEY Dau Unm 17 " Leafield  
Alfred PRATLEY Son   16 " "  
Sarah PRATLEY Dau   14 " Ramsden  
Esther PRATLEY Dau   12 Scholar Leafield  
Richard PRATLEY Son   10 " "  
Ann PRATLEY Dau   7 " "  
Louisa PRATLEY Dau   3 Do "  
Lucy PRATLEY Dau   4mo   Ramsden  

Newspaper Articles

Oxford Chronicle & Berks & Bucks Gazette
28 Sep 1861 [p.8, col.b]



Before B.J. Whippy, Esq., and the Revs. T. Harris and W.E.D. Carter.

Richard Pratley, of Ramsden, labourer, was charged with trespassing on lands, in the parish of Wychwood, in search of game on Sunday, the 15th inst. Fined £2, and £1 costs. Paid.

John Pratley, of Ramsden, labourer, and the above Richard Pratley, were charged by Lord Dillon's gamekeeper with night poaching, at Spelsbury, on the 16th inst. Committed for three months' hard labour, and at the end of that time to find sureties.


Newspaper Articles

Oxford Chronicle & Berks & Bucks Gazette
16 Apr 1870 [p.8, col.c]



Before the Revs. T. Harris, W.E.D. Carter, and R.L. Baker.

Richard Pratley, of Leafield, hawker, was charged with unlawfully leaving a horse and van on the highway at Churchill, on March 23, for the space of 45 minutes. Dismissed on payment of 5s.


1871 UK Census

Oxford, Oxfordshire, England
New Road County Gaol (RG10/1438 114/60)
Richard PRATLEY Prsnr Mar 51 Lab Leafield  

1881 UK Census

Shipton-under-Wychwood, Oxfordshire, England
Ramsden (RG11/1516 013/19)
Richard PRATLEY Head Mar 60 Hawker Leafield  
Keziah PRATLEY Wife Mar 59 " Ramsden  
Minnie PRATLEY Dau Unm 16 " "  

Newspaper Articles

Witney Gazette
20 Sep 1884 [p.4, col.e]



September 18th.

Before Revs. W.S. Bricknell, and R.L. Baker, P. Southby and J.F. Mason Esqrs.

Trespassing in Search of Game.

Richard Pratley, of Ramsden, hawker, was charged with trespassing in search of game, on land belonging to C. Sartoris, Esq., at Ramsden, on the 14th July.

James Busby deposed that he was gamekeeper for Mr. Sartoris, of Wilcote. On the morning of the 14th of July about 4 o'clock, he heard the report of a gun, and on going in the direction from whence the sound came, he saw defendant. Witness watched, and saw him lean over a fence and shoot at another hare and go to try and get it. Witness afterwards went up to him, and defendant asked him not to say anything about it.

Inspector Keal said defendant bore a bad character, and had been convicted at Chipping Norton.

Fined, including costs, £1 12s., which defendant's wife paid at once.


Newspaper Articles

Witney Express
25 Sep 1884 [p.5, col.a]


PETTY SESSIONS. Thursday, Sept. 18th, 1884.

Before the Rev. W.S. Bricknell, chairman, Rev. R.L Baker, P. Southby and F.J. Mason, Esqs.

Richard Pratley was charged with trespassing on land in the occupation of C. Sartoris, Esq., on the 14th of July.

Robert Busby stated that he worked for Mr. Sartoris. On the morning of the 14th, about 4 o'clock, he heard a gun fired. He went to the spot, and saw the defendant standing in the turnpike road. He then saw him shoot a hare. The defendant went to get it, but could not find it. Defendant then begged him to say nothing about it, but he told him he must tell Mr. Sartoris. He did not know whether he had a gun license.

Defendant, who was described as a hawker, had no questions to ask, and was fined £1 and 12s. costs, or seven days' imprisonment with hard labour.

The money was paid.


1891 UK Census

St Helen, Worcester, Worcestershire, England
16 Shambles (RG12/2326 040/01)
Richard PRATLEY Head Mar 37 Earth China Dealer Employer Ramsden, Oxfordshire  
Annie PRATLEY Dau Sin 16     Tenbury, Worcestershire  
Shadrick PRATLEY Son Sin 14 Scholar   Worcester  
John PRATLEY Son Sin 8 "   "  
Richard PRATLEY Fthr Wid 74 General Laborer Employed Ramsden, Oxfordshire  
Jane PARKES Serv Sin 24 Housekeeper Employed Pershore, Worcester  
Richard W. PARKES Brdr   2     Worcester  
George R. PARKES Brdr   6mo     "  
Elizabeth WATKINS Serv Sin 15 Domestic Servant Employed "  

UK Trade/Commercial/Residential Directories

Kelly’s Directory of Worcestershire, 1900
15 : Shapland James, fishmonger
Butchers’ Arms P.H. Stephen M. Overall
Pratley Richd. china & glass dealer
Richard PRATLEY  
Worcester : Commercial
Pratley Richard, china & earthenware dealer, Shambles Richard PRATLEY  
Trades : China, Glass & Earthenware Dealers
Pratley Richard, Shambles, Worcester Richard PRATLEY  

GRO Death Index

2Q 1900 PRATLEY Richard Stow-on-Wold 80  

NPR Will Index

PRATLEY Richard Pratley Richard of Park-street Stow-on-the-Wold Gloucestershire died 30/04/1900 Probate Gloucester 03/09/1900 to John Winkle china-dealer. Effects £87 10s 8d.  
Full Will:

This is the last Will and Testament of me Richard Pratley of Union Street in the City of Worcester Hawker I appoint my son Alfred Pratley of Croydon Coachman and John Winkle of Union Street aforesaid China Dealer Trustees and Executors of this my Will I give to George Richard Pratley Parkes Son of Sarah Jane Winkle my watch and chain and subject thereto I give devise and bequeath unto my said Trustees all the real and personal estate of which I may die seized or possessed Upon trust after payment of my just debts funeral and testamentary expenses to divide the same equally between my children namely Alfred Pratley Emily Hutchings Sarah Scarrott Esther Scarrott Annie Panting Louisa Harris Lucy Holyfield and Minne Hornett and in the event of either of my said children dying leaving issue the share to which the child so dying would have been entitled to be divided equally between such issue as tenants in common In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this tenth day of April one thousand eight hundred and ninety seven

--- The mark X of Richard Pratley as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us both being present at the same time at his request in his presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses the said Will having been first read over and explained to the said Richard Pratley who appeared perfectly to understand the same and made his mark thereto in our presence

--- A.J. Beauchamp Solr Worcester --- W.A. Parry Clerk to Messrs Beauchamp & Gallaher Solicitors Worcester - --

 On the 3rd day of September 1900 Probate of his Will was
 granted at Gloucester to John Winkle the surviving Executor